How to save web pages to disk using Edge browser in Windows 10

Two easy techniques to save web pages to disk in Edge

If you use Edge for browsing the web, or find yourself on a Windows 10 PC without Chrome or Firefox, how do you save web pages to disk? Here are two techniques that will do the job.

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Microsoft’s new web browser for Windows 10 is struggling to compete with Chrome and Firefox, but it has been steadily improving. New features have been slow in coming, but with a major update on the first anniversary of Windows 10, it will be much improved.

Edge is OK for web browser and it has some interesting features, like the ability to doodle on web pages, but it also lacks some essential ones too. For example, there isn’t a way to save web pages to disk.

Sometimes this can be useful, for example, if there are lots of images you need and you want to save them all. If you want to be able to view a web page offline, or if you want to keep a copy of a web page that might change, so you can see what it was like last week, last month or last year. If you are interested in website development, you can save the code to disk where you can more easily analyse it.

The problem is that there is no obvious way to save web page from within Edge in Windows 10. There are two options. One is to save the page as a PDF and the other is to use Internet Explorer (although Edge is the new browser, the old IE browser is still in Windows 10).

1 Print it

When browsing the web using Edge, if there is a page you want to save to disk in order to view it later or offline, click the menu button in the top right corner and then click Print.

 Print web pages from Edge browser in Windows 10

2 Select the printer

In the Print window, click the printer to change it and there are several options. The best one to use is Microsoft Print to PDF. This saves the complete web page as a PDF file on disk.

After selecting the PDF option, click the Print button at the bottom to print it. You are asked for a file name and you can save it to the Documents folder or wherever you want it.

 Print web pages from Edge browser in Windows 10

3 View the page

If you want to view the web page you saved, open Explorer and go to wherever you saved it, such as your Documents folder. Double click the file and it opens in Edge. A toolbar at the top enables you to zoom in and out for comfortable reading.

 View PDF files in Edge browser in Windows 10

4 Use Internet Explorer

Instead of using the Print option to save a web page as a PDF document, click the menu button in Edge and then click Open with Internet Explorer.

 Edge browser menu in Windows 10

5 Save as...

When Internet Explorer opens and displays the page, click the gear icon to reveal the menu, click File and then Save as...

 Use Internet Explorer to save web pages to disk as files

6 Save it

The file name is taken from the title of the web page and it is often too long for a file on disk. edit it and make it shorter. In the Save as type box there are four options. If the page is saved as Web Archive, single file (*.mht), this saves everything in one file.

That is convenient, but if you want to inspect the code, access the images, and poke around, it is better to select Webpage complete (*.htm, *.html). This saves the web page as an HTML file and the images and other items on the page are saved in a folder where they are easy to access.

 Save a web page as a file to disk in Internet Explorer

Viewing a web page saved this way is easy and you just double click the file in the Documents folder, the desktop or wherever you saved it.

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