Share your Google Keep notes with other Keep users

It is good to share things and now you can share your Google Keep notes

If you want to share the information on a Google Keep note you could copy it and paste it into an email, but why not simply share the note with the other person? Here’s how to do it.

Never forget anything again - store it on a Google Keep note

Google Keep is brilliant for storing notes, to-do lists, images, links and other information. It is available in a browser on the desktop (go to, as an app in its own window, on your phone and tablet. It is everywhere and that is one of the attractions.

A feature you may not have used is the ability to share a Google Keep note with other people.

This could be used for sharing holiday or travel plans with family or friends, or it could be used at work for sharing lists, information, links and images with work colleagues.

Sharing a note makes it available in your Google Keep notes and in everyone else’s Keep app. You can all view it, edit it, add to it and so on, just like it was your own.

Everyone can see the changes you make and everyone is kept up to date because it is automatically synced to everyone. That is a great feature.

1 The share button

Launch Google Keep and open a note by clicking it and then click the Share button in the toolbar at the bottom.

 Google Keep share button is used to share notes with other people

2 Add people

The view switches to Sharing and you are at the top of the list because you are the owner. Add people below by entering their names. As you begin typing, matches are displayed from your contacts and people you have emailed.

As soon as you see the person you want, click their name and email address to fill in the information. You can add as many people as you want to the list.

 Add users to a Google Keep note and share it with everyone

3 Shared notes

Notes that are shared with other people have these icons at the bottom, displaying their Google account image. This makes it easy to tell a shared note from a normal (not shared) note.

There are two people accessing this note and so there are two icons. Mouse over them to see their name and email address.

 The people that are sharing a Google Keep note are shown at the bottom of the note

4 Note invitations

When you add someone to the shared list for a note, they receive an email announcing the fact. All they need to do is to click the button in the email to launch Google Keep and view the note.

 An invitation to share a Google Keep note in Gmail

5 Remove yourself

The Note works just like any other note is almost every respect. However, there are the icons in the bottom bar showing the people who have access, and the menu button has a Remove myself option. If you no longer want to see this shared note in amongst your Keep notes, remove yourself.

 Stop seeing a shared note in Google Keep by removing yourself

6 Remove people

As the owner of the note, you can return to the Share feature and either add more people or click the icon to remove people so they can no longer access it.

 Remove people from the sharing list and prevent them from accessing a Google Keep note

Try this sharing facility with a friend or work colleague and see how easy and useful it can be.

Do you use Google Keep or do you prefer another note-taking app like Evernote?

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  1. can you create Collaborator groups so you don’t have to select 25 people in a group each time you create a new note that you want to share with the group?

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