Best methods to dispose of an old laptop or PC

Like every physical entity, the PCs and Laptops are age bound. Even when not mentioned on their product tag, they do have an expiry date when we talk about their functioning.

Recycle your old computer parts

It is very important to recycle or dispose of the old laptops and PCs as suggested by various geeks and technology experts.

It is quite obvious that you can do this by either selling or destroying the computer. In this post we will explain step-by-step about the various processes.

Returning hardware should be as easy as purchasing it, but in this digital age, the technology is upgrading every second and trying to sell the old computer parts is not so easy as before. Even when you do manage to do this, you might not get a great price for the parts.

Selling is a very fruitful process when you expect less. If you go by the price tag of each and every part, you may be shocked to know its selling price in the market. However, if you just fix a rough estimate and bargain well with the shopkeeper, it is very possible that you could get a decent price.

You use it while the technology has flourished. You then sell it to upgrade to the latest hardware and that selling amount can contribute at least a little in buying new computer parts (for example, from Ambry International).

Recycling centers are available worldwide and you can visit them to recycle your old PC or laptop. They take away harmful computer parts that contain toxic substances such chemicals and gases like batteries, and dump each part separately. This can help in creating useable computer parts through manufacturing methods.

There are lots of people who still do not have the technology that you are going to recycle. That simply means that you can give your old computer system to someone else who needs it. If the computer is in working condition, but it just doesn’t have sufficient juice to fulfill your task requirements, you can easily give away to someone for whom it will still be worthwhile.


It is a well known fact that the computer's hard disk carries a good amount of data that can be recovered even after deletion. As long as the computer stays with you, it is fine, but we never know how our hidden data is manipulated by someone it is passed on to. It can even be misused.

There are some technologies that have been introduced to completely delete the data from the disk sectors. You can even visit a repair engineer and get your computer’s disk erased. Some people are afraid to even do that and perform a manual hard disk dumping by crashing it with hammer or the four wheeler's tyres.

Though this method is not suggested, you can always seek out various other constructive methods so that the hard disk and other memory parts can be utilized by someone else. There is a large industry which thrives on selling the old computer parts to its customers and you can easily find someone that can help you disposing your old computer parts.

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