Find out which apps are accessing your Twitter account

Revoke access for apps that are connected to your Twitter account

Many apps on computers and smartphones have access to your Twitter account. They may be able to read you posts or even post themselves. Find out who has access and take control with a security checkup.

Who or what is watching your Twitter account?

Some websites require you to create an account to log in. As an alternative to creating one from scratch by filling in lengthy forms, some will allow you to log in with your Twitter account, which is much quicker and easier. However, this can give them permission to access everything you tweet, your followers and who you follow.

Apps on smartphones can sometimes require you to create an account and to log in, and they sometimes allow you to do this with your Twitter account as a quicker and easier method. Apps may need access in order to manage your account, check followers, post tweets and so on.

Connecting your Twitter account within an app or website makes logging in or creating an account really easy and it is much more convenient than filling in forms with your name, email, password, how much you weigh, what you ate for breakfast, and so on.

Although it is convenient, you must bear in mind that you are allowing third parties to access your Twitter account. Why? Are they collecting information about you? What are they doing with all your information? Is it really necessary?

These are the important questions you should be thinking about because they concern your privacy and security.

You can see which apps have access to your Twitter account by opening a web browser and going to your account on the website. Click your profile picture in the top right corner and click Settings on the menu.

 The Twitter menu

Select Apps in the list of settings sections on the left. Displayed on the right is a list of the apps that can access your Twitter account and it could be quite long.

 All the apps that can access your Twitter account

Do all these apps need access? No. There will probably be apps that you no longer use and if you don’t have them installed on your computer, tablet or phone, they don’t need access and they can be removed. Click the Revoke Access button on the right.

There may be apps that no longer exist, such as Twitter clients that were popular years ago, but are no longer around. revoke access and it will do no harm at all. Taking away access rights from apps you don’t use or no longer exist strengthens the security and privacy of your Twitter account. Click the Revoke Access button on the right.

 Revoke access for apps with access to your Twitter account

I found apps from years ago that I once used, but either don’t exist or I don’t use. Your Twitter account is probably similar. Tidy it up.

It is usually OK to allow apps to access your account, but make sure they are reputable apps from well known companies. Don’t give your password out to anyone, such as websites that say they need it to provide some service. The fewer people that know your password, the better.

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