The top solar gadgets you need right now

Go green - power everything from the sun

Always checking news sites for tech releases? We’ve all been there, watching informative videos, press conferences, reading articles, and comparing specs.

We live in a tech-driven culture, and while it has created a certain ease of living, there is room for improvement.

At Modernize we enjoy all kinds of technology, but we use solar energy to power our devices as much as possible. Here are a few solar gadgets you don’t want to miss.

 Solar powered gadgets

Charge on the go

The sun is powerful, and using it as a natural energy source is the smartest strategy for reducing our carbon footprints. This renewable energy can power up everything from your smartphone to your e-reader or tablet.

Solar chargers vary in size. If you just need a small USB charger for your smartphone or fitness tracker, something like the Flip 10 Recharger would work well.

This model weighs only 2.5 ounces, which is great for carrying in your briefcase or purse (or even pocket!). Go for an off-the-grid hike and keep your GPS charged, so you can easily find your way back.

For more heavy-duty needs, compact solar panels are the way to go. The Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel costs a mere $99.99 and weighs less than a pound. It can charge phones, USB devices, digital cameras, tablets and laptops. What more could you want from something so inexpensive and easy to carry?

 Solar powered gadgets

See clearly now

Whether it’s dreary and raining outside or bright and sunny, you can see clearly with solar lighting. Bookworms will love Sunnytech’s solar-powered reading lamp, which includes a USB charger just in case.

This gadget is just $20, and it will last for 50,000 hours. That’s a lot of pages! It folds flat, so you can take it with you to work, the library, and everywhere you want to read.

If you’re going on an adventure, sorting through the garage, or just telling ghost stories, you’ll need a solar-powered flashlight. These affordable gadgets come with various settings to control brightness.

Some are powered by a hand crank, while others use solar panels. Some even have both. You’ll never have to replace the batteries on solar flashlights, which makes it a great option for camping or hiking.

 Solar powered gadgets

Work hard and stay organized

Hate when your watch battery runs out? It doesn’t have to. Power up your day with a solar watch. Solar watch batteries store energy and constantly recharge, which means you will never have to change them. Cue the rejoicing!

Even more exciting, solar watches come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, so no one will ever know the difference. The battery in the Seiko Solar Watch charges in just a minute, and it retains the charge for months.

Now that you won’t be late to work, upgrade your workspace with green gadgets. Solar-powered keyboards are wireless and stylish, so you won’t sacrifice that sleek aesthetic.

Logitech’s wireless solar keyboard stays charged for at least three months at a time. Any light source will power it up, and it works with both laptops and PCs.

You can also pick up a wireless, solar-powered mouse, like the Sole Mio Mouse. It pairs well with a solar-powered keyboard, and it’s equally as affordable.

As you can see, solar gadgets are more compact and convenient than ever before. They’re so cool, you may forget how environmentally responsible it is to switch over.

AuthorDanielle Baxter for Modernize

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