Windows 10 game review: Poly and the Marble Maze

Marble madness - guide the marble around the mazes

Poly and the Marble Maze is a type of platform game, but it also presents puzzles and it requires excellent coordination and skills. Get it if you want a new challenge on Windows 10.

Poly and the Marble Maze free game for Windows 10

The graphics are very simple, but they are nicely designed and the game presents a 3-D perspective view of a maze-like obstacle course that you must negotiate by controlling a marble. Actually, the marble is more of a polyhedron, which is presumably where the Poly in the game title comes from.

This game’s maze is unlike most others and instead of walking between the walls, here you are on top of them. The maze is a collection of raised walls, some of which are connected, but there are also steps, ramps and gaps with sheer drops down to the abyss below. The 3-D view is sometimes a bit confusing and you aren’t sure where in space a particular point is. It just adds to the fun.

 Poly and the Marble Maze free game for Windows 10

The aim of the game is to carefully guide the marble along the tops of the walls in order to collect various points, usually the points most difficult to get to. Once all the diamonds have been collected you can head for the flag marking the end and the completion of the maze.

The marble can be controlled with the mouse, keyboard or a touch screen, or any combination of them. The best combination on my laptop was to use the mouse to control the movement and direction of the marble and the spacebar to make it bounce.

 Poly and the Marble Maze free game for Windows 10

Bouncing is necessary in order to jump over gaps, reach raised diamonds, jump up steps and ramps, and so on. To move in a direction you move the mouse while holding the mouse button down. The controls are quick to master and the first few mazes can be completed within a few minutes of starting the game.

The mazes become progressively more difficult and present a challenge - how best to negotiate them to achieve the goal of collecting the diamonds and reaching the flag without falling off the wall and plummeting to oblivion below.

 Poly and the Marble Maze free game for Windows 10

There are 20 mazes to complete in the first world and there are two more worlds after this one. You can work your way through the mazes one by one or skip ahead by spending crystals. It is a free game, but there are optional in-app purchases of crystals, which enable you to unlock the next world without completing the previous one.

This is a simple, but entertaining game that will keep you occupied for an hour or two. Just when you think you have mastered it, a maze throws a new challenge at you.

Title: Poly and the Marble Maze (Windows Store)
Price: Free
Publisher: Zoltan Gubics
Size: 28 MB
OS: Windows 10
Verdict: An good free game with lots of mazes to master.

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