2 amazing collage makers for Windows 10 to show off your photos

Turn your photos into exciting collages

Collages are a great way to show off your photos and here are two for Windows 10 that turn your snapshots into amazing displays.

Collage maker apps for Windows 10


Phototastic Collages

This is a free collage maker app for Windows 10 that enables you to create great-looking photo collages from your snapshots with minimal effort. There are several options and the easy route is to select Collages under Quick Start.

There are templates to make collages with two, three and four photos for free, but up to 25 with an in-app purchase of the Premium Pack (UK £2.25). It also removes the adverts.

Select a template and there is a choice of several variations - the size and position of the images vary. Click an empty space in the template and you can add a photo, take a photo, such as with a webcam, or select a colour.

 Phototastic Collage maker for Windows 10

After adding the photos you can set the width of borders, adjust the photo spacing, round the corners of photos, change the background and add a pattern, select a photo frame, add text and stickers, apply effects and filters to photos, and make brightness and contrast adjustments.

There are a huge number of options and you get a lot of features for free. There are lots of backgrounds, colours, fonts, frames, and so on. And each feature can be adjusted in detail.

 Phototastic Collage maker for Windows 10

A major flaw with Phototastic Collages is the lack of an undo feature. It is great being able to experiment with all the fantastic features, but some will look great, but some won’t suite the photos or the layout, and so on. The only option is to discard everything, go back to the blank template and start all over again.

You can’t position photos or zoom in or out. The output quality and size can be selected, but the size is really only suitable for online sharing, not printing.

Phototastic Collages is a good utility for photographers and it has some fantastic features, but it also has some irritations too. Search for it in the Windows 10 Store app.

El Collagero

An unusual collection of templates is available in this free picture collage maker app and there are shapes like a cloud, umbrella, lips, heart and many more. Dozens of photos are used to create them and it is a bit like getting a stack of photos, scattering them on a large table and then making a shape out of them.

I didn’t find them that useful, but there are also 40 Classic Template Collages and 22 Cool Template Collages. The first group uses one to eight rectangles arranged to make a collage, but the second group uses wacky shapes that are non-standard.

You select a template and then select the photos to fill it. You can switch templates at any time and this is a great feature. It enables you to try different layouts and see which is best.

 El Collagero collage maker for Windows 10

I couldn’t work out how to zoom in and out of a photo to get the best fit for the frame. However, I have a touch screen and pinch and spread (like on your phone) worked fine.

There are few photo tools and you can rotate and flip them, you can’t apply filters or adjust the brightness or contrast. It is disappointing in this respect. If the photos need adjusting they must be edited elsewhere first.

 El Collagero collage maker for Windows 10

You can choose from a selection of backgrounds and frames, and landscape, portrait and square layouts are available. Text can be added to the collage in a variety of fonts. In addition to wacky layouts, there are some crazy photo shapes too, like smiley faces, flowers, clouds, hearts and many more. You can create some fun layouts.

There does not seem to be a way to select the save quality or the image size. The saved collage is fine for uploading to Facebook, but not for printing.

This is a fun app that makes entertaining collages for sharing online. Search for it in the Windows 10 Store app.

Summing up

Both apps have excellent features, but also some irritations too. Neither is perfect, but both are pretty good  free collage makers and are recommended.

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