Backupper 3.5 gives event driven backups for Windows PCs

Protect your disk and files by creating a backup on a USB drive

We take our computers for granted and expect that they will never fail us. While some people cross their fingers and hope for the best, others back up the disk and Backupper 3.5 has just been released.

Back up the disk in your PC whether it is an old mechanical disk or a new SSD

There are several versions of this Windows backup software and AOMEI Backupper Standard is free. You might expect it to be very limited in it features, but it isn’t and for many people, especially home users, this is all that is needed to create a copy of all their files on an external USB disk drive.

For those that need even more features there is AOMEI Backupper Professional, Server, and Technician. The Pro version for example, is $49 for two PCs, which is a reasonable price.

I’m cheap and skint so I use the free version. It can perform several different types of backup and you can create different backup jobs. For example, you can image the whole disk including all the partitions and everything that is on them.

You can also perform simple file backups, such as everything in your Documents, Photos, Music and Videos folders, or everything in your user account folder.

It’s useful to create both of these backups types and you can schedule backups when it is most convenient for you, such as when you aren’t using the computer. Backups can now be scheduled to occur even when you aren’t logged in to Windows.

One of the best additions to the latest version of AOMEI Backupper are the triggers for backups. For instance, a backup can be triggered when you log on to Windows, when you log off, or when the system starts up or shuts down.

Another new feature in this version is the ability to prevent a PC from entering sleep mode while backing up. You can also close the main window and the backup will continue in the background.

Here’s a guide to setting up a whole disk backup:

1 Pick a backup

Select the type of backup from the list. Disk Backup is selected to store a copy of the disk, all its partitions and files.

 Backupper Standard free Windows backup utility

2 Two steps

There are two steps and you have to select the source and destination. Click Step 1.

 Backupper Standard free Windows backup utility

3 What to back up

Select the source disk - the one you want to back up. This will usually be the PC’s internal disk drive.

 Backupper Standard free Windows backup utility

4 Ready to back up?

You are ready to back up, but you might want to check out the backup options or set a schedule.

 Backupper Standard free Windows backup utility

5 Check the options

Among the options are encryption and compression. Maximum compression saves space on the backup drive, but is slow. No compression is fast, but uses the most space. The Normal setting is fine and you get the best combination of space saving and speed.

 Backupper Standard free Windows backup utility

6 Schedule it

The scheduling options enable you to choose the day and time when backups should be performed. You can also select the type, such as full, incremental or differential.

Here are the new event triggers. You probably wouldn’t use them for a full disk backup, but they could be very useful for backing up file changes when logging in or out of Windows. Only a few files change each day, so the backup will complete quickly.

 Backupper Standard free Windows backup utility

Restoring backups depends on the type. With a file backup you can explore the files and pull out individual files that have been lost or corrupted. With a whole disk backup you can create a boot CD or a USB thumb drive to boot the PC. This contains Backupper, which can then be used to restore the whole disk.

I’ve never had to perform a whole disk restore, yet, but the PC boots fine from the boot media and the backups can be found and opened on the USB drive. Let’s hope I never need it!

Do you have a backup of the disk drive in your PC? Tell us what you use in the comments below.

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