Microsoft Calendar tips and tweaks for all users

Customise Microsoft Office web calendar settings for ease of use

Are you making the most of your Microsoft Calendar? It can easily be customised and tweaked to your preferences. It can also be used to increase your productivity too. Get more from Calendar.

Customise Microsoft Office web calendar through the settings online -

Everyone with a Microsoft account, which is pretty much every Windows user, has access to OneDrive and the web calendar web app. It is part of Microsoft Office web apps. Calendar is also available in Windows 10 as a Start menu app, and you can also sync Outlook with it too.

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Open Calendar

Open a browser and go to then click the menu button in the top left corner. Click the Calendar tile

 Microsoft Office web apps at

Change the colour

What colour are your Calendar appointments? Mine were an awful bright pink for some reason and it looked so bad it hurt my eyes.

You can choose the colour that is used calendar appointments and if you have more than one calendar, the colour can be used to distinguish between them. For example, you could have blue for work appointments and green for personal appointments, or whatever your favourite colours are.

Click the gear icon and then select Options in the menu that appears.

 Microsoft Office web apps - Calendar options

Pick a calendar

On the options screen is a list of your calendars. There may only be one, but some people add others. A small colour tile appears next to the calendar to show its colour. Click the calendar you want to change.

 Microsoft Office web apps Calendar settings

Names, colours and charms

on the next screen is the calendar’s name and you can change this to whatever suits you, such as Work, Private, Project X, or whatever.

Select a colour for this calendar from the dozen colours on offer. A tick appears on the selected colour.

 Microsoft Office web apps Calendar settings

Now select a charm. A charm is a small icon that appears next to appointments in the calendar.

Let’s say you have a personal calendar that is set to green. You or your kids might play sport and so you could create another personal calendar and set it to green, but then set the charm to a soccer ball.

A charm is displayed next to an appointment, so a calendar appointment that is green (or your favourite colour) would indicate that it is personal, but if it also has a soccer ball charm on it, you know it is sport related.

It is just a simple visual aid and you can use it or ignore it. It’s up to you.

Set the notifications

Scroll down to the bottom of Settings and you can choose which events trigger notifications. If you have a shared calendar and other people can access it, you can be notified when someone makes a change. This setting does not apply to private calendars that are not shared.

 Microsoft Office web apps Calendar settings

Get reminders for events and tasks is a useful notification to set. An email will be send before an event so that you don;t forget. You can also receive a daily agenda in your email inbox listing all the day’s appointments and events.

Reminders can be very useful, but they can be irritating if too many fill your email inbox. Use the settings to get the notifications you need and no more.

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