Clean up your Twitter feed and avoid abuse with these new settings

Reduce abuse and unwanted comments on Twitter by customising the setitngs

Many people have experienced bad language, abuse, bullying, ridicule and even death threats in their Twitter feed. What can be done about it? There are new features that can help filter your feed.

In some ways Twitter is a great place to talk and interact with others online, but it is far from perfect and it has a dark side that makes an appearance all too often.

Some people have suffered terribly on Twitter because of the ease with which anyone can say anything they like. The lack of privacy, the ability to see and interact with anyone, even people you do not know, and the anonymity all seem to encourage people to say things they would never say to your face in public.

Twitter can be brilliant, but it can also bring out the worst in people.

The social network has been criticised for not doing enough to stop bad behaviour and for letting it continue far too long.

Well now there are a few controls that can help you to clean up your Twitter feed and to see only those tweets you want to see. It remains to be seen how effective they are, but it is worth trying.

Customise Twitter notifications

Go to Twitter and click your profile picture.

Select Settings on the menu.

Select Notifications on the left.

 Clean up your Twitter feed by setting this quality option

On the right is an option to see notifications only from people you follow. This means that when you select Notifications to see what people have been saying about you or replying to things you have posted, you will only see items from people you follow. People you don’t know won’t show up here.

There is also a Quality filter. Tick the box and Twitter improves the quality of the tweets. Twitter appears to be applying some sort of algorithm to detect bad tweets and filter them out. It does not filter people you follow and it only works for people you don’t know or choose not to follow.

Mute and block

Under each tweet in your timeline is a three-dots menu button. Click it and there are options to Mute or Block.

 Block or mute people with the menu under their tweet

Mute reduces what you see from someone you follow a little, but they can still follow you, you can follow them, and they can send you messages. It has more effect on people you do not follow and replies and mentions do not appear in your notifications.

Block is much more severe and it unfollows the person if you follow them, it stops them from following you again, it prevents them from seeing your tweets or searching for your tweets, they cannot see who you follow, and cannot send you direct messages.

Click your profile image and click Settings in the menu. On the left is Muted accounts and Blocked accounts. Here you can see who you have muted or blocked.

If you visit the profile page of someone you have blocked, the Follow button is replaced by Unblock. This enables you to change your mind if you want.

Hopefully these options will make using Twitter a more pleasant experienced.


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