How to generate battery health report in Windows 10

Is your laptop battery dying? What's wrong? Get a health report

Do you know how you can get a detailed battery report for your laptop in Windows 10? Understanding your battery health is important and you can spot problems as soon as they occur.

How to get a comprehensive battery health report in Windows 10. Check your laptop now! |

Swaraj Nandedkar: There are different ways to get information about the battery health of your PC. You can download a few third-party tools from web and get a detailed report on the battery health. Tools like BatteryMon or BatteryBar might be effective, but not up to the mark.

Did you know that Microsoft Windows (read the history here) has an in-built utility to create a battery health report? By analysing a battery health report you can understand the different aspects of your laptop battery. For instance, you can see the maximum capacity of battery, current charge, charging cycles and so on.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to generate a battery health report in Windows 10. This guide should be useful for Windows 8 users as well. We can also tell you how to understand the report.

About the report

So, the battery health report is an in-built feature of Microsoft Windows. It’s available in Windows 10 and Windows 8; we’re not sure about older versions, but it might be there too.

The Windows battery health report will be created as an HTML webpage and stored in the user's Documents folder. Once created, you can open the report using your web browser.

How to create battery health report?

Follow these steps to create a Health Report of your Laptop battery:

1. You have to open Command Prompt window in the desktop. There are two ways to do that:

  • Search for cmd in Windows Start menu
  • Right click on the Start button. From the context menu, choose Command Prompt

2. Once you are in the Command Prompt window, you need to enter the following command:

powercfg /batteryreport

 Get a battery report by entering this into a command prompt window

3. Press Enter and you will see a message in the window saying that the report has been saved. You will also find the saved location.

 Get a battery health report from the command prompt in Windows 10

4. Head to the saved location and you can find the Battery Health Report file in HTML format.

Analysing the battery health report

Now that you have created the battery health report, it is time to analyse it. We will consider each section of the report.

PC Details

On top, you can find information about the laptop you are using. You can see the computer name, product name, BIOS, operating system build, platform role, connected standby details and the time the report was created. These are just the basic details regarding your device.

 The battery report generated in Windows 10

Details of installed batteries

Here you can find  information about the batteries installed in the laptop. You can see the manufacturer, Sl number, chemistry, design capacity, full charge capacity and cycle count.

 Battery details in the battery report generated in Windows 10

Design capacity is the capacity the battery is designed for

Full Charge Capacity is the actual capacity of your battery. This decreases and is caused by wear and tear.

Recent usage

In this section, you can see the power state for the last three days. As you can see in the screenshot, the table shows a timeline with Start Time, Status, Source of Power and Remaining Capacity.

Using this table, you can find the cumulative backup time in the past three days.

 The recent battery usage information in the battery health report in Windows 10

Battery usage

In this section, you will find a graph about the battery drainage in the past days. Along with it, there is a table as well. You’ll find the amount of drain as well.

 The battery drain during recent usage in the Windows 10 battery health report

Battery capacity history

Do you want to know how the full charge capacity has changed in the past three days? In this section, you can see the data in a table. Depending on your usage nature, there may be increase or decrease in the fully charge capacity.

 The battery capacity in the battery health report in Windows 10

Battery life estimate

You can see the Battery Life estimates of the past time. You can get the actual estimate and Design Capacity. You can also get the current estimate since OS Installation.

 The battery life estimate in the battery health report in Windows 10

Summing up

You have seen how to generate a battery health report on your Windows 10 PC. This utility is helpful when you want to know about the current situation of your laptop battery.

It’s great that Microsoft comes with an in-built tool for that. At the least, you can know the health your laptop battery. How healthy is your laptop battery, by the way?

Author bio: Swaraj Nandedkar has been a Tech Blogger for the last 3 years. He is currently working as the Content Marketing Manager with TechLila blog. He has deep interests in Technology, Electronics and Gaming.

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