How to repair an old UPS and give it a second life

Can you fix a faulty UPS? Yes, here is the guide you need

Is the UPS (uninterruptable power supply) for your PC faulty? This guide shows how to fix it

Do you use an UPS (uninterruptable power supply)? They are within the budgets of small office and home users and these top maintenance tips show how to keep them running.

In our daily life we face different types of problem and also get upset for each one. Sometimes we lose our money just for lack of knowledge. Today we are going to share you a trick that can give second life of your computer UPS and also will save your money .

This is very simple trick anyone with basic electronic sense can try this at home. By using this trick it is possible to repair 90% computer UPS at home .

Don’t throw your UPS, just follow our step by step guide to get it back. If you are thinking to go to a computer repair shop then most of them will suggest you to buy a new UPS because they want to get a new customer like you. But don’t be convinced by this. You can repair your computer UPS yourself .

Usually the lifetime for any UPS is one or two years. Most of the time an UPS battery gets damaged after this period. So you don’t need to be worry about your UPS. The UPS is OK, concentrate on the battery .

What to do with your UPS battery

We already know our UPS system is OK, but the main problem is the battery. So simply , the solution is to replace the old battery with a new one. Most UPS battery configuration is 12V 7Ah to 12V 7.2Ah battery. Make sure your new battery is not over that otherwise it will not work .

Usually UPS batteries are lead acid battery and a brand new UPS will cost you $50, but the battery price for a UPS is only $15 . You can buy a UPS battery from any electronic shop .

How to replace old UPS battery

Open The UPS Casing

Let’s open all the screws backside of the UPS and simply open the UPS cover gently .

UPS battery

Now just look the UPS fuse. Sometimes a damaged fuse might be the cause of the UPS not working. If you find the fuse is damaged just replace it with a new one.

Usually a fuse capacity can be 5A or 3A or something similar and you can get it from any electric shop.

UPS battery

Prepare Your New Battery For Replacement

By taking the voltage reading you can make sure that your new battery is good. If you don’t have any voltage reader don’t worry while buying the new battery, check the voltage reading of the battery at the electric shop.

UPS battery

Disconnect The Old Battery From Your UPS

Now it’s time to disconnect your old damaged battery from your UPS.

You can see there are two cables connected to the battery. One is red in color and another is black in the color. The red cable is for positive electricity and black is for negative electricity.

Just disconnect those cables carefully using your hand . Before doing this make sure that your UPS is not connected with the mains electric line.

UPS battery repair

Replace The New Battery To The Same Location

You are almost done, just replace your new battery in the same location. Just remove the old battery first.

UPS battery repair

Replace the new battery in same location and connect red cable with red terminal and black cable with black terminal.

UPS battery repair

Close The Cover And Press The Power On Button

Cover it again and press the power button, your UPS will work!

Most probably you were going to throw this UPS, but by using this simple trick you not only can save your money, you also will get a creative pleasure.

Author Bio: Wanda Greaves is the co-founder of – a website that helps people to find, use and do anything with their batteries, chargers or related electricity devices.


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