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Avira Software Updater is a free utility for Windows PCs that checks the software on your PC and tells you if there are newer versions. It even updates apps for you. Sounds great, but is it?

The idea is sound and out of date applications on your PC might contain bugs or even security flaws, so on the surface it makes sense to check whether there are any new versions of the apps you use and to update them to the latest.

If you have a lot of software on the system then manually going through all of the programs, finding out who the developer is, then discovering where the website is on the internet, then looking for an updated version, takes a lot of time and effort.

If you do find updates, then you must spend time and effort downloading and installing them.

It is too much hassle and most people, even if they know they should regularly be doing this, don’t bother, which is why this free app from Avira makes a lot of sense. The idea is that you run the utility and it tells you which apps can be updated.

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One click on the Download All button then updates all the outdated software on your PC.

The Avira Software Updater overview

Avira Software Updater for Windows


Monitored software on your PC

The My Software tab shows the software that is monitored and anything that is not monitored. This is where it all went wrong for me.

Only two of the apps that I have installed on my PC were monitored and more than 50 items were in the Unmonitored Software list.

Avira Software Updater for Windows


A useful utility?

Whether you find this utility useful obviously depends on what software you have installed on your PC.

No doubt people that have lots of monitored applications will find it very useful, but people like me with large numbers of unmonitored software will not.

The only way to find out if this app is useful is to download it and try it. It is free and it can easily be uninstalled if you don’t want it, so go ahead and install it.

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Uninstall software with Avira Software Updater

Whether software is monitored or not, Avira Software Updater can be used as an uninstaller. A Remove button under each application enables you to uninstall it if you no longer need it.

A few items have an arrow next to them and these enable you to access Repair or Modify functions in the installer/uninstaller.

Avira Software Updater for Windows

I wasn’t overly impressed with this free utility from Avira, but your mileage may vary as they say. I like free tools and although this one isn’t right for me, you might find it more useful. Try it.

Title: Avira Software Updater
Price: Free
Size: 73 MB
OS: Windows 7 and up
Verdict: A useful tool if you have lots of monitored software


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