How to repair AVG antivirus, remove all traces, stop the ads

How to solve problems with AVG Antivirus and how to stop the ads that pop up

AVG is an excellent antivirus program and both the free and paid versions are used by a large number of PC users. What do you do when there is a problem with it though? Follow this repair guide for the solution.

Problems with AVG security software are not common, but they do happen occasionally and you might need to either fix the program or remove it. Once it is deleted from the system, a fresh new copy can be downloaded and installed. That should be OK.

How to repair AVG

The first thing to try is to repair the AVG program installation. Open the Control Panel, set the view to small icons, and then click Programs and Features.

There may be two items called AVG and AVG Protection. The first is AVG Zen, which is the control centre where you can view the status of various AVG security programs, add computers, install more security and so on. Ignore this.

Repair AVG Antivirus Free by running the uninstaller

Select AVG Protection, which is the antivirus, and then click Change. Double clicking AVG Protection works too.

There are two options and AVG can either be repaired or uninstalled. Click the Repair button and follow the instructions. (There’s nothing to it really.)

Run the AVG uninstaller and select the repair tool to fix problems

Restart Windows when it has finished and see if this has fixed whatever problem you had.

Remove AVG

If the problem is still there, go to AVG Download Center and download AVG Remover.

Uninstall or repair AVG antivirus

It is saved to the Downloads folder, so open Explorer, open Downloads and double click the AVG_Remover.exe file.

Ignore the license agreement and privacy policy, and click Continue under AVG Remover. Follow the prompts. There isn’t much to do apart from sitting back and letting it do its job.

Repair AVG antivirus to solve problems with it

The PC will restart and when the desktop reappears, all AVG software is gone. Now you can go to the AVG website and download a fresh copy of the software and install it.

If you are using the paid version of an AVG product, you might be prompted for the license information. This is in the email receipt when you bought the product.

Stop the ads in AVG from popping up

If AVG is displaying too many adverts, it can be irritating. There is a way to reduce the frequency that they appear.

Open the AVG window and select Options, then Advanced settings.

Select Appearance and find the section Set Maximum Frequency of in-app offers. Select the maximum duration. This will be once every three days for the AVG Antivirus Free, but if you have bought a licensed Pro version you can select the Never option and never see another ad.

Stop ads in AVG and they will become far less irritating.

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  1. AVG found a workaround. Now they put advertisement not in a pop up, but in the current window, like on finishing a scan

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