Master Outlook Tasks and track the important things you need to do

Keep on top of the things you need to do with Tasks

Managing your time and getting the important things done and on schedule is an important skill to have. Don’t leave it to chance, put your tasks into Outlook Tasks and manage them online.

Create tasks using Outlook Tasks and use them to track and remind you of the tasks you need to do

The list of online apps that Microsoft provides for free is growing and if you have not yet discovered Tasks, it is well worth a look. This online app enables you to create tasks, track the progress, set due dates and get reminders when the deadline approaches.

Mastering Outlook Tasks is a great way to become more productive and it ensures that you get done what needs to be done, whether it is for work or for personal projects.

Providing you have a free Microsoft ID ( email, OneDrive, Xbox and anything else requiring you to sign in), you can use Tasks. It works on a Windows PC, Linux or Apple Mac, or Chromebook. Anything with a web browser.

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1 Go to Tasks

Open a browser and go to the website or email. Click the icon in the top left corner to display the app tiles and then click Tasks.

The app menu at the website

2 Create a new task

A very simple page is displayed that enables you to view the current tasks or to create a new task. This can be done very easily with basic information and to begin you just enter the subject at the top and the date is is due.

Create a new task using Outlook Tasks

3 Write notes

A task is more than just a title and you can write notes using a simple word processor. There are fonts and styles, bullet and numbered lists, text colour and highlighting, and emoji.

Store any information you need with the task. Also at the top is an Attach menu that enables you to add files and store them with the task notes.

Create a new task using Outlook Tasks

You can finish right here by clicking the Save button at the top. However, let's explore some of the optional extras that are available. You don't need to use them.

4 More details

Click the Show more details button and there are many more options. You don’t need to use them all and you can just fill in the details for the ones you need.

Enter a start date and set the status to Not started or any of the started options in the menu. The percentage complete can be set too. Set a reminder for when the task is due or just before it is due so it is not forgotten.

The number of hours, days or weeks the task is expected to take can be entered into the Total work box. You can also enter the actual hours worked on the right. There is even mileage for car travel and billing information.

Create a new task using Outlook Tasks

5 Set the category

At the top is Categories and you can organise tasks by colour. The Manage categories menu option enables you to create your own custom categories. Also in the menu bar at the top is Charm, which is a little icon that is associated with the task.

Create a new task using Outlook Tasks

6 Finished task

This is how the finished task looks. The list of tasks is on the left and the details are shown on the right. There is only one task here, but when you have added several it is easy to select each one and check the details.

View tasks using Outlook Tasks

Tasks is a useful tool that could enable you to organise your time more efficiently and help you to get important jobs done by reminding you when they are due. They are also useful for storing notes and files associated with a task.

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