Store your favourite Maps locations in collections in Windows 10

Collections a useful feature in the Maps app for storing your favourite places

Create collections in the Windows 10 Maps app and store your favourite places in them

Do you have favourite places to visit? Do you want to create a collection of places to visit for a trip or holiday? Use the Maps app in Windows 10 to create and store handy collections of places.

You can store favourite places in the Maps app of course, and this is useful. However, it leads to a large and disorganised list of places that have little in common. It makes places hard to find.

The Maps app allows several places to be stored together and this has several useful applications. For example, if you are planning a trip to New York, Paris, or any other place, before you set off you could use Maps to find places of interest, places to eat, attractions to visit and so on. These could be stored in a collection named after that city.

If you have a business trip coming up, you could do the same sort of thing and Maps could be used to discover locations and then these could be stored together in a collection.

The places in a collection can be listed and viewed on a map. You can also get directions, reviews and other useful information. They are a great way to make the Maps app more useful.

Saved places

Open the Maps app from the Start menu and click Saved places on the left side of the window. If you cannot see it, click the Saved Places icon on the right.

Select Collections and then click New Collection.

Create a collection in the Windows 10 Maps app

Name the collection

Enter a name for the collection and then enter a description below. A description is not necessary, but it is useful. Click the Save button.

Name a new collection in the Windows 10 Maps app

Click your collection

You now have a collection in the Collections list, but it has 0 items. We need to add places to it. Click the collection you created.

Click the collection in the Windows 10 Maps app

Add places

Any number of places can be added to the collection and the idea is to build up a list of related locations. Just click Add a place.

Add a place in a Collection in the Windows 10 Maps app

Search for places

A standard search box appears and anything can be searched for, such as towns, addresses, places of interest, restaurants, theme parks and so on. Start typing and then click the result you want.

Search for places in the Windows 10 Maps app

Build your collection

Clicking an item in the search results adds it to the collection. You can then search for something else and add that, and so on. Build up your collection by searching and adding items.

A Collection in the Windows 10 Maps app

Manage collections

Right click a collection and a menu appears. The collection name and description can be edited, the collection can be deleted, or the collection can be pinned to the Start menu as a tile.

Edit or delete a Collection in the Windows 10 Maps app

Collections are synced across all the computers and devices you have with Windows 10. It is a shame there isn’t a Windows phone as it would be great to create collections on your PC and then have them on your phone when travelling.

If you travel with a laptop, or if you have a Windows tablet, maybe a hybrid with a tear off screen, then collections are very useful.

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