Online Course: The On Page SEO Guide

Learn the SEO techniques to get more visitors

Do you have a website and would like more visitors? Get increased traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo! with great SEO. This online course shows what you need to do.

The On Page SEO Guide - everything you need to know about optimising web pages for search engines

Boost visitor numbers with brilliant SEO!

Optimise your site with this guide

  • You have a website or blog
  • You have posted great articles
  • It looks really good and is nicely designed
  • But you wish there were more visitors!

Get the SEO right and you will soon see increased visitors.

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Learn the SEO techniques used by experts

Good SEO gets more traffic from Google and Bing search

  • Discover the hidden code essential to success
  • Increase your ranking in search results
  • Optimise your site for Google, Bing and others
  • Use simple techniques, but get powerful results

Learn the habits that will get your site noticed and boost visitors!


Where do you start with SEO?

icon5SEO is a huge subject and Google says over 200 factors affect the position a site in search results - its ranking.

Knowing where to start with SEO and what to focus on is confusing for many people.

The best place to start is with on page SEO. Learn how to optimise your website and web pages for search engines to get increased visitor numbers.


What you will learn with this course

  • SEO - search engine optimisationHow to improve SEO by optimising images
  • How to write great titles that enhance SEO
  • How to format the text for better SEO
  • How good content boosts SEO
  • How to create SEO friendly URLs
  • How other factors affect the SEO
  • How to boost SEO with meta information


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Course contents in detail

  • The common image problem
  • Optimise your images
  • Resize old images with plugins
  • Add image descriptions
  • Choose file names carefully
  • Article titles vs page titles
  • How to grab people's attention
  • Optimum title length
  • Title examples
  • Get help with titles
  • How to use headings
  • The importance of headings
  • The length of headings
  • Optimum sentence length
  • Bullet and numbered lists
  • How long should articles be?
  • Writing aids to improve your content
  • Use Grammarly to improve your writing
  • Use Hemingway to check your writing
  • How WordPress uses URLs
  • Best permalink settings
  • Edit URLs to make them friendlier
  • When not to edit URLs
  • The value of categories and tags
  • Use descriptive links
  • The value of external links
  • The impact of bad links
  • The value of internal links
  • Navigation and discovery
  • Add meta descriptions
  • Add meta keywords
  • When to use noindex and nofollow
  • Use meta tags for the home page
  • Add author information
  • How to add Open Graph meta tags



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