Windows 10 Security Guide – everything you need to know

Hardly a week goes by without some sort of security threat in the news. How do you protect your Windows PC and keep out hackers, viruses, spyware and other malware? This course shows how to stay safe.

Watch out for viruses, spyware and adware on your laptopWindows 10 Security Guide
Protect your PC from threats: Your PC is at risk from malware and hackers on the internet. This comprehensive course shows the best ways to ensure your safety.  START NOW 


The security problem

When using the internet you face security threats like:

  • Viruses - malicious programs that spread from computer to computer
  • Trojans - programs that download other malware
  • bacteria-iconSpyware - programs that send out your personal information
  • Phishing - emails that trick you into clicking links, revealing login details for online services you use
  • Scams - similar to phishing, they trick you into doing something
  • Fake websites - they look like the real thing, but just want your login details, money and personal information
  • Hackers - people and programs that try to gain access to your computer to steal information.
  • Ransomware - malicious programs that encrypt your files and possibly even lock your computer, then demand payment to decrypt them or unlock your computer.
  • Adware - displays adverts everywhere it can, slowing down the computer, getting in the way and being a nuisance

Computer viruses - how do you protect your computer from threats on the internet - stay safe!


Have you suffered a virus infection?

It can be bad, really bad. Getting them off your PC can be a nightmare.

Where do they come from and how do they get on your PC?

Can they be stopped? Yes!

This course shows how to avoid the various types of malware on the internet and how to stay safe. With the right Windows settings and the know-how to avoid potential problems, you might never see another virus again.


How do I stay safe?

Staying safe and keeping out hackers and malware is partly knowing how to configure Windows 10's security features. It is also partly learning how to spot the dangers and knowing how avoid them.

The Windows 10 Security Guide shows how to use Windows Defender and Windows Firewall to protect your PC from threats.

The guide also shows how to spot fake emails, phishing, bad downloads and more. You will learn how to avoid the worst of the internet.

Some people might need additional protection and third party security software is available. The course looks at why you might want to replace Windows built in security with free or paid security software.


What you will learn

icon1Part 1: Protect your PC with Windows Defender

  • Introduction to Windows Defender and PC security
  • How to check if Windows Defender is running, turn it on/off
  • How to keep Windows Defender up to date
  • How to scan the PC for malware to ensure it is clean
  • How to deal with malware and manage the history

icon4Part 2: Protect your PC with Windows firewall

  • Introduction - what is a firewall and why do you need it?
  • Check Windows Firewall status and turn it on/off
  • How to block or allow programs and advanced settings

Part 3: Increase your privacy

  • Introduction to privacy issues and privacy utilities
  • Privacy settings - Review app permissions, block bad apps
  • How General privacy settings affect you

icon6Part 4: Email security and phishing

  • Introduction to email security - what you need to know
  • How to deal with bad email attachments - a worked example
  • What is phishing? How to spot and avoid phishing emails

Part 5: Third party security software

  • Introduction - Do you need third party security software?
  • Free vs paid security software - The pros and cons
  • Real-time protection and clean-up tools
  • Third party firewalls - What they can do for you

icon2Part 6: Web browser security

  • Introduction to web browser security
  • Browse the web with Edge
  • The dangers of extensions, add-ons and plugins
  • Clean Internet Explorer and remove adware/malware

Part 7: More security issues

  • Use SmartScreen in Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows
  • Action points - Quick summary of everything you need to know



There’s more! Check out the bonuses!

Watch out for viruses, spyware and adware on your laptopTake the course - Protect your PC

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