16 things you need to do to get accepted by Google AdSense

Make money with Google AdSense on your site. Top tricks to get accepted

One of the ways in which to make money from your website or blog is to display adverts. Online advertising is huge and billions are spent each year. You could grab a piece of that!

16 points to ensure you are accepted by AdSense for ads on your site

Making money from your website has been covered before in 6 ways to make money from your website and it was noted that displaying adverts on your website is one of the ways available to you. It is passive income and once set up, you can go and lie on a beach while the money comes in.

OK, it is not quite that simple and you still have to work hard to drive visitors to your site, create content and so on, but you don’t need to worry about the ads because they are automated.

There are many advertising partners on the internet and some people prefer one and some prefer another. Some won’t let you join unless you have a certain number of visitors, such as 50,000 or even 100,000 a month.

AdSense is good for beginners

Google is one of the biggest internet companies and AdSense is one of the most popular advertising schemes around. It is a good place to start because is fairly beginner friendly and it works, even for small-ish sites.

Later on when your site has grown you might want to try alternative advertising schemes and you can always switch.

You are not tied to Google AdSense forever and you can even use AdSense alongside other advertising schemes. It is within the rules.

Google AdSense can be used to display adverts on your website or blog

As pointed out, one of the best things about earning money from advertising is that once it is set up, there is nothing else to do. With absolutely no effort, you will make money every month.

No effort? Yes, advertising is basically ‘set and forget’. Once it is set up, you can forget about it and focus on other things, like creating great content for your website or promoting it (see The On Page SEO Guide).

The way it works is that you define spaces in your website design in which adverts can be placed. It is then up to the advertiser, such as AdSense, to fill in the spaces and you do not need to worry about them.

For example, you might want to have an advertising spot in the sidebar of your web pages. All you do is place a WordPress widget in the sidebar in the design, paste in some code provided by AdSense and that’s it. Adverts will automatically appear on every page of your site.

You can also place ads at the top of pages, at the bottom, in the middle and so on. There are WordPress plugins that make this easy, such as Ad Inserter.

Can I choose the ads displayed on my site?

No, yes, well, sort of. It is set and forget, remember. You choose where on the page adverts are to appear and AdSense displays the ads automatically. You do not have to view and approve the ads that are displayed. In fact, you cannot do this even if you wanted to.

This does not mean that you have no control over what adverts displayed.

AdSense organises adverts into categories and sub-categories based on their subject. You cannot see or block individual adverts, but you can choose which categories of ads you like and dislike.

For example, if you don't want political adverts, you can block the Politics ad category. You can also block dating, black magic, politics, religion, gambling, sexual references, and many more.

Google AdSense lets you choose the type of ads that are displayed on your website

There are dozens of categories, so you can fine tune what adverts appear, but without having to view and approve individual ones. Click a switch and you can block all adverts about meat products if you are a vegetarian, for instance.

How and when do I get paid by AdSense?

AdSense is an ad network that pays when people click adverts. You could show a million adverts and earn nothing if no-one clicked them. For this reason it is sometimes referred to as pay-per-click and it is the most common type of advertising.

Different ads pay different amounts, so it is not possible to say exactly how much you will earn when someone clicks an advert. It may be a little, but it could be lot. Anything from a few cents/pennies to several dollars/pounds. It is a bit of a lottery with varying payouts.

When your advertising earnings exceed a threshold level, a minimum amount, payment will proceed on 21st of the month. How soon you receive the money depends on the payment method.

Google AdSense pays you when your earnings reach the threshold level

The minimum amount varies with the currency and is US $100, UK £60 and so on. With sufficient ads and site visitors, AdSense will become a regular monthly income.

The fastest and most reliable payment method is to provide Google with your bank details. Money will then be transferred directly into your bank account within seven days.

A cheque, bank transfer, Western Union Quick Cash and other methods are available, but they can take longer. Cheques can take up to four weeks for example.

Don’t be tempted to cheat

Cheating, such as by clicking your own adverts or encouraging someone else to click them is against the rules. As you can imagine, there are always people trying earn more by cheating, so Google is especially vigilant and is able to detect cheaters.

You will lose your account and your earnings, so don’t try!

What you need to do to join AdSense

In order to display Google AdSense adverts and get paid for them, you must sign up at the AdSense website (google.com/adsense).

There are strict rules that you must comply with or your application will be rejected. It might seem that there are a lot of rules and that there is a lot of work complying with them, but most of them are commonsense.

Here are the 16 things you need to do before applying to AdSense...

1 Create an...

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