How to create a great Gmail signature with all your contact info

Create an impressive email signature for fun or for business

Does your email signature impress the people you email? Do you even have an email signature? You should and it is a great way to present essential information about you or your business.

Create an impressive Gmail signature and include it in all your email messages. Add text, links and images

Email signatures do not have to be boring and they can be more than plain text. You could just sign your emails ‘Bob Smith’ or whatever your name is, but that is really dull and it will not have much effect on someone you are trying to make a good impression with.

Save time and effort

Create a custom email signature and it is automatically inserted into every email you send. This saves you time and effort because you don’t need to create it every time you send a message.

Include contact info

A custom email signature also gives you an opportunity to include additional contact information to the person you are emailing, such as your LinkedIn profile, Twitter and Facebook profile, Google+ and Pinterest.

The person you are emailing might want to follow you on social networks, connect with you and become a follower, or at least check out your profile.

Who are you?

With your social media profiles included in your email signature, people can quickly find out who you are and what you do.

It gives your emails authority, especially if you are emailing someone for the first time. It tells them who you are and what you do.

In order to create a custom email signature you first need to gather all the information you need. This includes the URLs to all your social networking accounts. Then you must create some social media icons.

Get your LinkedIn profile address

Go to LinkedIn, right click your name on the left and select Copy Link Address. That is the link that people need to go to your LinkedIn profile. Save the URL somewhere, such as in Notepad.

Get the URL to your LinkedIn profile

Get a custom LinkedIn address

You might find that your LinkedIn address is complicated with numbers and letters. However, there is a way to simplify it.

  1. Go to LinkedIn and click Me, View profile.
  2. Click Edit your public profile.
  3. Click the pencil next to Edit public profile URL.

Get the URL to your LinkedIn profile

Make the URL simpler, such as your name or a nickname.

Get your Google+ profile address

Go to Google+, right click Profile in the sidebar and select Copy Link Address. The address is something like and you strip out the /u/0 to give

Get your Google+ profile URL

It doesn’t actually matter if you don’t strip out the /u/0 and the URL will still go to your profile.

Get a custom Google+ URL

That URL is impossible to remember. However, it doesn’t matter because it will only appear as a link. People will see the link text and not the URL.

However, you might want a more friendly URL like

You can have a custom URL providing you meet certain conditions, such as being a member for more than a month, having a profile photo, and 10 or more followers.

  1. Click Profile in the Google+ sidebar.
  2. If you are eligible for a custom URL you will see a banner below your name on your profile. Click it.
  3. One or more custom URLs are displayed, but you might need to tweak it so that it is unique.
  4. Click Change URL and then click Confirm.

Get your Facebook address

To get the URL to your Facebook profile, just right click your name at the top and copy the URL.

Get your Facebook profile URL

If you have a Facebook page, right click it in the sidebar and copy the URL, or go to your page and copy the URL in the browser’s address box.

Get a custom Facebook URL

Your Facebook profile or your page URL might contain numbers and letters that make it hard to remember.

However, you can get a custom URL for yourself or for your page and Facebook calls them vanity URLs. There are some rules and your page needs to have at least 25 likes.

Go to and enter the username you want to use for your personal profile. It can be anything provided it is unique.

Create a custom Facebook URL

For a page, go to the page, click About, click Edit next to the username section.

Get a custom URL for your Facebook page

Get your Twitter URL

This one is easy and you just go to Twitter, click your profile photo and select View profile. The URL is in the browser’s address box.

Get the URL for your Twitter profile

Get social media icons

Go to and search for ‘social media icons’. Here are some I found that are free to use in any way you want. Download them.

Social media icons free from

Use a photo editor like GIMP to crop each social media icon out of the image. Resize them to make the icons really small and then save them to disk as separate files.

Create your Gmail signature

Now that you have collected all the URLs you want to include in your Google email signature, it is time to create it.

Open Gmail in a browser, click the gear icon in the top right corner and select Settings on the menu.

Select the General tab and scroll down to the Signature section.

Create a Gmail signature

If you have more than one email account in Gmail, you can create different signatures for each one. This one is the general RAWinfopages email address. Type in the text you want to appear at the bottom of emails you send.

Create a blank line and click the image icon in the toolbar.

An image can be uploaded from the disk drive on the computer. Click and drag a social media icon that was created earlier. Repeat this and add all the social media icons.

Create a Gmail signature

Here there are icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Select an icon and click the link button in the toolbar. Click the Change link.

Create a Gmail signature

Now enter the URL for the social media service, which is Twitter in this case.

Create a Gmail signature

Repeat the process for each social media icon. Select it, click the link icon in the toolbar, then click the Change link to enter the URL.

Create a Gmail signature

What do you think of the finished signature? Don’t forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the Settings page.


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