Power up web browsing with new Edge features in Windows 10 Creator’s Update

Is it time to switch back to Edge browser in Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge browser gains great new features in the Windows 10 Creator's Update

Windows 10 Creator’s Update is nearly here (or is here if you are reading this after April ’17), and it has a bunch of new features. Microsoft has boosted Edge with brand new and improved features like…

Import bookmarks

If you use another web browser on your Windows 10 computer, Edge can import all of your bookmarked websites to make it easier to switch to Microsoft’s browser.

I found all my bookmarks in Edge even though I cannot remember importing them. Maybe I did, but forgot, but maybe they were imported automatically when the Creator’s Update was installed.

To import bookmarks manually, go to the menu in Edge > Settings > Import from another browser.

Microsoft Edge can import bookmarks from other browsers

A list of browsers is shown, which on my PC includes Internet Explorer and Chrome. Bookmarks can also be imported from a file.

All browsers have an export option for bookmarks and they are saved as an HTML file, which can then be imported. (It’s good to keep the export file as a bookmark backup.)

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Show/hide the Favourites bar

Microsoft calls browser bookmarks favourites and in Settings is an option to show the favourites bar. This displays your favourites (bookmarks) in a bar across the top of the browser.

Previously the only option was to open the Hub (the sidebar on the right), and view the favourites in there.

If you have a lot of favourites in the favourites bar, there is a switch to hide the text and show only icons. This is useful if each site has a recognisable icon and it enables a large number of favourites to be displayed in the bar.

The favourite (bookmark) text appears when the mouse hovers over an icon to help you to identify them.

Favourites are still in the Hub and if you have created folders to organise them, you can right click them to open all the favourites in them. It is a great feature for opening a bunch of websites you often use together.

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Set tabs aside

If you have a set of tabs open and want to save them so you can continue with them later, they can be set aside. Some browsers let you pin tabs, which reduces them to a space saving icon. Setting tabs aside is a bit like that. (Edge has pinned tabs, but setting them aside is slightly different. It is more like a bookmark facility.)

Tabs can be set aside in Microsoft Edge browser

There are a couple of icons in the top left corner of the browser window. The first is to show tabs that have been set aside and the second sets aside the current tab.

Open the panel on the left to show tabs that have been set aside and click the three dots at the top for a menu. There are options to email the tabs or add them to OneNote.

Choose the email option and a new message is created in the Mail app and the tabs are added with thumbnails, titles and links. It does it very well, but I can’t say I have ever wanted to email a bunch of tabs to someone.

View tab thumbnails

At the right side of the last tab is a V icon. Clicking it displays thumbnail images of all the tabs and it is designed to make it easier to switch to the tab you want. You can usually tell from the thumbnail which website a tab is showing.

Microsoft Edge tab thumbnails

Read ebooks

Edge is now an ebook reader and a pretty good one too. Files in EPUB format can be double clicked in Explorer and they open in Edge. All the usual ebook reader features are present and you can click the right and left edges to move forwards and back through the book. A slider at the bottom enables you to quickly move through the book.

A table of contents can be opened in a sidebar and this enables you to quickly jump to a different chapter or section. Bookmarks can be created in the book.

There are configuration settings that enable you to adjust the font, the size of the the text, the spacing, and the theme – black on white, white on black or sepia.

Microsoft Edge is an ebook reader as well as a web browser. It reads books out loud

Edge can read books out loud. There are a few configuration options too, such as choosing the voice and setting the speed.

Cortana is ready to help out with difficult words you don’t understand. Highlight a word, right click it and select Ask Cortana. A panel opens with a comprehensive description.

Edge’s ebook reader is excellent.

More download info

Open the Hub, click the Downloads button and when downloads are in progress you see a lot more information about them. You can see the download speed, the percentage downloaded, the time remaining, the total download size and amount downloaded.

This is useful for people on slow internet connections. These days with fibre optic internet downloads are so fast that they have finished by the time you get the Hub open.

Edge notifications

Edge now supports notifications from websites. These are desktop notifications that the site can push out when some event occurs.

I have to say I always say no to these in Chrome and the pop-up asking you to enable them is just another irritation.


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