Online Course: Self Hosted WordPress Guide

Take this online course and learn how to build a WordPress website

Whether you run a big business or a small club, create books, music, art, or offer services, a website is essential for promotion, exposure and income. Build your site.

Self-hosted WordPress guide - everything you need to know to build your own WordPress website. A complete course

This multi-part course shows how to build WordPress websites.

  • It is easier than you think
  • It is a rewarding experience
  • Anyone can learn self-hosted WordPress setup
  • Promote your business, services, hobby or interest

You could pay an expert to build your site for you, but it could cost thousands, and many tasks are easy anyway.

WordPress is designed to be easy for non-technical people to build websites. Learn the basics and save your money.

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This course is for:

  • Anyone that wants a self-hosted WordPress website
  • Anyone switching from a free site
  • Anyone who is struggling to understand WordPress
  • Anyone wanting to earn money from a website
  • Anyone with a WordPress site that wants to improve it

If you have never used WordPress, seeĀ WordPress Startup Guide.

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Course contents overview

  • 11 essential points when choosing web hosting
  • Set up a WordPress website in 14 easy steps
  • Essential WordPress plugins to install on day 1
  • SEO plugins - optimise your site for search
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Get accepted for Google AdSense
  • Make money from affiliates
  • Back up your WordPress website
  • 2 free tools to monitor your website
  • Check your site on all devices
  • Use FTP to access your site, fix bad plugins

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Course contents in detail

  • Free vs paid web hosting
  • Get a domain name
  • Storage space and bandwidth
  • Backup and security
  • Shared vs cloud vs dedicated hosting
  • Pick a hosting plan
  • Choose a domain
  • Contact details and payment
  • Create a password and sign in
  • Install self-hosted WordPress and log in
  • How to find and install plugins
  • Increase security and protect from hackers
  • Stop comment spam - keep your site clean
  • Install a plugin to make money from adverts
  • Why SEO is important - get your site noticed
  • Yoast for SEO
  • All-In-One SEO
  • Why you need it to make money
  • How to set it up
  • How to use Google Analytics to optimise your site
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • Can I choose the ads that are displayed?
  • How much will I earn, when do I get paid?
  • 16 things to get accepted by Google AdSense
  • What are affiliates?
  • What does affiliate marketing look like?
  • How to earn money from affiliate marketing
  • Who is responsible for the goods?
  • Direct affiliates vs affiliate networks
  • Requirements for affiliate networks
  • How do you get paid?
  • Popular affiliates and affiliate networks
  • Beware of the rules
  • Why you need to back up your site
  • What does your web host provide?
  • Manual website backup methods
  • Best WordPress plugins for backing up
  • Why you need to monitor your website
  • Uptime Robot website monitoring
  • How to set up website monitoring
  • Check the website monitoring logs
  • Site24x7 website monitoring
  • Install Blisk browser
  • Use Blisk to view sites on any device
  • Check your site is mobile-friendly
  • Do you have FTP access?
  • What is FTP for?
  • Best FTP programs
  • How to use FTP
  • Disable bad WordPress plugins



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