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If you look after PCs and part of all of your time is spent as a system administrator, you will know how tough it is. Giridhara Raam.M shows how a free tool can be used to make your job easier.

Manage desktop PCs

A Formula 1 racer needs control over his car to be on track, a footballer needs control over his ball to complete a successful dribble, a jockey needs control over the horse to win the race, even life feels complete and peaceful only when things fall into place as you wish.

Same applies to a system administrator, with lot of issues being raised on a daily basis, they need to be in control of remote computers to keep things on track and balance their work. This is where system administrators use remote support software or remote desktop software to simplify their tasks.

There exists a zombie fungus, which gets into the ant body and slowly takes control of the ant eventually killing them. Unlike this fungus, remote administration software will help system administrators to gain control over remote computers but will help them in fixing the issues rather killing them.

There are decent number of remote desktop management software that prevails in the market, system administrators can choose between any of them for their tasks, but choosing the right one is going to be tough.

While you search for a software that performs multiple remote desktop operations, won't it be perfect for your system administrators, if they are provided with a free software that is bundled with 15 distinctive tools to perform remote desktop operations, which is already reviewed and recommended by Microsoft MVP and other leading IT magazines.

This is exactly what ManageEngine Free Windows Admin Tools can do for you. This software focuses on remote windows administration with 15 free tools needed for day to day desktop management.

Here is the list of 15 tools:

  • Remote Desktop Connection tool
  • System Inventory tool
  • Software Inventory tool
  • Currently logged on user tool
  • Remote task manager tool
  • Hard disk space monitor tool
  • Remote command prompt tool
  • Remote device manager tool
  • Local user/Group list tool
  • Shutdown/Restart tool
  • Network share browser tool
  • GPO update tool
  • Wake on LAN tool
  • Laptop battery power monitor tool
  • Join/Unjoin computer tool

Choosing the right fungus i.e. ManageEngine Free Windows Admin Tools, to take control of your remote computers and perform all the above 15 different desktop operations in a simple way. If you're looking for a free windows management software to aid your system administrators, then free windows tools will be the saviour for you.

Download Free Windows Admin Tools now and start experiencing enhanced system administration.

ManageEngine Free Windows Admin Tools

Author bio: Giridhara Raam.M is a Marketing Analyst for ManageEngine. He has written decent number of blogs at ManageEngine Blogs and articles for other IT magazines. With Masters in Business and an engineering graduation, he also writes about football and other social issues too.

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