Course: Secrets to successful social media promotion

Best social media strategies for bloggers and small businesses

Master Social shares and get more interaction and generate more interest in your web pages or business

This online course guides you step by step through promoting your website or blog on social networks. Learn the 50 places a day you can share your posts, products or services.

Best ways to promote your site and boost visitors

  • Are you putting in the time and effort required to promote your website, blog, product or service?
  • Don't write a post and then sit back and wait for people to discover it! They won't!
  • The truth is, you have to promote like crazy!
  • See the best ways to promote your content, site or business
  • Discover 50 places a day to promote your stuff!
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Who is this course for?

Write. Publish. Promote! Promote! Promote!

  • Anyone with a website, PC and Mac users
  • Bloggers, businesses, website owners
  • Anyone that wants to promote their site
  • Anyone that wants more site visitors
  • Anyone that sells goods or services

What will I learn on this course?

Step by step guides to promote your site.

  • How to create great meta tags
  • How Facebook uses Open Graph tags
  • How to create Twitter Cards
  • How to create Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Best places to promote on Facebook
  • Best places to promote on Twitter
  • Best places to promote on Google+
  • 50 places a day to share your stuff
  • Places to promote you've never thought

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Course contents in detail

Course is under construction. A new module is added each week.

  • Get the page content right
  • The importance of featured images
  • The best size for featured images
  • How to use old school meta tags
  • Meta tags with All-in-One SEO
  • Meta tags with Yoast
  • Do your pages use Open Graph tags?
  • Open Graph tags with Jetpack
  • Open Graph tags with Yoast
  • How to use Facebook debugger
  • Fix problems with Facebook debugger
  • Use Twitter Cards for great tweets
  • The benefits of Twitter Cards
  • Twitter's meta tags
  • Twitter and Open Graph tags
  • Best WordPress plugins for Twitter
  • Use the Twitter Card Validator
  • Troubleshooting Twitter Cards


  • Why promote with Google+?
  • Get a Google+ account
  • Google+ home feed
  • Google+ collections
  • Create a Google+ collection
  • Google+ communities
  • Create your own Google+ community
  • Posting strategy
  • Use Rich Pins for stand-out Pinterest shares
  • Use Open Graph tags
  • Special Pinterest tags
  • Optimise the page content
  • Enable Rich Pins with the validator
  • Confirm your website
  • Make Twitter tweets stand out
  • How to use hashtags
  • Analyse your Twitter followers


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