How to make Windows 10 less annoying with a few easy tweaks

Configure Windows 10 settings to suit you better

Stop Windows 10 irritations by tweaking these settings. Make it work the way you want it to, increase privacy and customise it to suit you better.

Windows 10 is mostly OK and is an improvement from Windows 8, which was disliked by many people. However, the latest Windows still has annoyances. Here’s how to fix them fast.

This is a personal list and you might not agree with everything because an irritating feature to one person might be a great feature to another. Choose the fixes that suit you – you don’t need to apply them all.

Check out each one because you will learn a lot about Windows 10 settings and configuration.

Everything here is for Windows 10 Creator’s Update. If you don’t yet have it, you soon will because it is hard to completely opt out of updates these days, which is an irritation in itself.


1 Stop Start changing colour

If you change the desktop image, the Start menu, taskbar and Action Centre can change colour. If this is something that irritates you, a permanent colour can be set.

  1. Press Windows+I to open Settings
  2. Click Personalisation
  3. Select Colours on the left
  4. Clear the checkbox, Automatically pick an accent colour from my background
  5. Click the colour you want to use on the taskbar, Start menu and Action Centre

Set the colour for the Start menu, taskbar and Action Centre in Windows 10


2 Disable transparency

Parts of the Windows 10 interface are semi-transparent and whatever is underneath title bars, menus, the taskbar and other elements shows through. It is blurred, but it is distracting and it makes the interface less clear.

Transparency makes items less visible and text less easy to read. It looks pretty for about five minutes and then it irritates.

  1. Press Windows+I to open Settings
  2. Click Personalisation
  3. Select Colours on the left
  4. Scroll down to More options and turn off Transparency effects

Turn off Windows 10 transparency effects


3 Stop Lock screen annoyances

The screen that appears when the PC is powered up and when you log out of your account, is the Lock screen. Some people in the past have said that it has shown adverts – images from games. I haven’t see any myself, but setting the Lock screen to show a static image will stop it.

  1. Press Windows+I to open Settings
  2. Click Personalisation
  3. Select Lock screen on the left
  4. Set the background to Picture
  5. Select a picture from those on offer or click Browse and choose your own
  6. Under Get fun facts, tips and more… turn off the switch

Windows 10 lock screen settings


4 Remove the Recycle bin

The Recycle bin has been on the desktop for more than 20 years and you might be getting a bit tired of it by now. Does it really need to be there?

To delete a file or folder just click once to select it and then hit the Delete key. Alternatively, right click a file or folder and select Delete. It’s easy. Probably easier than dragging to the Recycle bin.

  1. Right click the Recycle bin on the desktop and select Pin to Start to add a tile to the Start menu
  2. Press Windows+I to open Settings
  3. Click Personalisation
  4. Select Themes on the left
  5. Click Desktop icon settings on the right under Related Settings
  6. Clear the checkbox next to Recycle bin

Remove the Recycle bin from the Windows desktop


5 Remove app suggestions

Click Start and on the left you might see a suggested app. This is basically a mini advert to try to get you to download apps from the Windows Store. You don’t need it, so disable it.

  1. Press Windows+I to open Settings
  2. Click Personalisation
  3. Click Start on the left
  4. Turn off the switch under Occasionally show suggestions on Start

Windows 10 Start menu settings


6 Increase your privacy

A lot of information about how you use Windows on your PC is sent back to Microsoft. Is it spying or is it simply trying to make Windows better? People are divided over this and it depends on your viewpoint.

I don’t worry about it, but some people do. (Everyone spies on you, so you might as well get used to it.) Here’s how to increase privacy by limiting what information is sent back to Microsoft HQ.

  1. Press Windows+I to open Settings
  2. Click Privacy
  3. Click Feedback & diagnostics on the left
  4. On the right, select Basic to send only enough data to keep Windows up to date
  5. Turn off the switch below Let Microsoft provide more tailored experiences with relevant tips

Windows 10 privacy settings - feedback and diagnostics


Are there any other irritations and annoyances in Windows 10?



  1. I would love to be able to get out of Airplane Mode. I have tried to move the toggle switch, but it doesn’t work.

    • This really needs a long article to cover every possibility, but the first thing I would check is for a key. On my laptop I hold down Fn and press F12 to enable/disable Wi-Fi. You may have accidentally switched it off.

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