Spotify, the best music service, comes to the Windows Store!

Sign up for free or sign in and start streaming music to your PC

The best music service is now on Windows 10 - Spotify is in Store! This free app lets you play millions of music tracks and albums with a free account or subscription.

Spotify is now in the Windows 10 Store giving you one more reason to love windows apps. Whether you listen for free or have a subscription, you can listen with the Spotify app for Windows 10.

How to get the Spotify app

You must have Windows 10 and the only place you can get Spotify is from the Store app. Click the Store icon on the taskbar or on the Start menu.

Spotify is new and is highlighted in the Store app, but if you cannot immediately see it, just type the name into the search box in the top right corner.

Click the Get button on the Spotify app information page. It is not a big app and it downloads and installs fairly quickly. It is 173MB installed on disk.

How to open Spotify

These days, Windows 10 displays a notification in the bottom right corner of the screen when an app is installed. It gives you two options and you can add the app to the Start menu as a tile or pin it to the taskbar.

Pin it and Spotify can be launched with one click. If you add it to the Start menu, look for the tile. It is also in the alphabetical list of apps under S.

Spotify music app for Windows

You are immediately prompted to sign in or sign up. If you have Spotify free or subscription elsewhere, such as on your phone, just sign in with your username and password. I am using a free Spotify account at the moment.

How to use Spotify

The panel on the left provides quick access to key features. Browse is at the top and you can explore the top music charts around the world, auto-created playlists of various moods like chill, summer, workout, sleep, romance and others.

Keep an eye on the New Releases section for recently added albums. There is also a New Music Friday, which features the best tracks from the most recently released ones. There were 60 songs and 3 hours 41 mins of great new music.

Spotify music app for Windows showing the new music section

Radio is the second item in the sidebar and any stations created elsewhere show up here. A Create button enables you to search for an artist and then create a radio station. Tracks from various artists in the same genre are added. It is a great way to quickly build a playlist of music.

Spotify music app for Windows showing the radio section

The Recently Played link in the sidebar shows music you recently listed to and you can click items to play them again.

The Local Files link in the sidebar shows music files on the PC’s disk drive. I didn’t need to configure it and it was just there. It must have scanned the Music folder on the disk and added all the tracks and albums automatically.

Spotify music app for Windows

If you have a free Spotify account, the app displays an ad banner near the bottom of the window. Subscribe to remove it. It’s your choice.

Spotify music app for Windows showing the radio

Spotify has only been in the Windows Store for a short time, but already it has a very high score – 4.6 out of 5. This is a great app and it is well worth installing on your Windows PC.


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