Power up Outlook email with great add-ins that add extra features

Add the Bing Nearby add-in to outlook.com email and find meeting places

You may not have realised it, but you can turbo charge outlook.com email with a range of add-ins that add extra features. Here I take a look at add-ins and show how Bing Nearby works.

Outlook.com email has a huge range of add-ins that add extra features to the service. Here is a step-by step guide to using them.

Outlook.com email is a useful service and it has some great features. It can be accessed from the Outlook Office app or Windows 10 Mail app, but if you use it in a browser there are a number of add-ins that can be used.

Where to find Outlook add-ins

Add-ins add extra features to the email service and there is quite a nice collection of them. If you have not yet discovered them, go to the outlook.com website in a browser and click the gear icon at the top right of the page. Select Manage add-ins.

Ooutlook.com menu showing Manage add-ins

I haven’t counted them, but I estimate that there is something like 300 add-ins. Scroll down the list and keep going - it is a long way to the end. Add-ins can be ordered by ‘Suggested for you’, rating or name. There is bound to be something that is useful for you.

Browse the collection of add-ins for outlook.com email

For this tutorial I will use Bing Nearby. Find it in the list, use the search facility if necessary, and click the switch to enable it. You can see all the add-ins that have been enabled by clicking My add-ins.

View a list of email add-ins at outlook.com

Insert a Bing map into an outlook.com email

let’s see how Bing Nearby works. This is an add-in that enables you to insert maps into emails. Create a new email like this one. The Bing Nearby add-in appears as a button in the toolbar below the email editor. Click it.

Create a new email at outlook.com

A panel opens on the right that has a search box at the top. The idea is that you can use Bing Nearby to find places to meet, such as coffee shops, restaurants and so on.

If you do not specify a location, Bing Nearby assumes you want to meet somewhere nearby and it shows places within a few miles. However, you can also add a location and here I want to find a coffee shop in Manchester to meet Bob.

Bing Nearby outlook.com email add-in

A long list of coffee shops appears in you can see the address, hours of opening, star rating and a price guide. Click the one you want and the details and a map is inserted into the email. It is hard to think how you would do this without the email add-in. It would not be very easy, that's for sure.

Use Bing Nearby to find places nearby to meet

This is a great add-in if you often meet people and want to provide them with details of where to meet. A click, a search and a click is all it takes to insert a map into the message.

More add-ins

What other add-ons might you want for Outlook.com email? Sorting them by rating shows the best and Gfycat is a popular choice and it enables you to find and share animated GIFs in your emails. Your boss or business contacts might not appreciate them, but they can be fun for friends.

For business users Project Buddy enables you to integrate Outlook with project management systems. MeisterTask is a task manager, project manager to-do service and if you are a user, the add-in turns emails into tasks and automatically inserts them into projects.

Send Anywhere for Outlook lets you send 10GB email attachments, PayPal helps with sending money securely, Trello task and project manager, and there are hundreds more.

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