Upgrade Chrome Bookmarks Manager and add a great bookmarks menu

Become a Chrome bookmarks expert with these top tips

Bookmarking websites has been around since the browser was invented, so why are they still so bad at handling them? Here are top tips and great Chrome extensions to enhance bookmarks.

Master Chrome bookmarks with the aid of these top tips. Turn bookmarks into menus and install a brand new Bookmarks Manager.

Bookmark a website in Chrome

Let’s start with creating bookmarks. Click the star icon at the right side of the address box in Chrome when you visit a website, or more specifically, a page on a site, that you want to save.

It creates a bookmark and it can be stored in the Bookmarks bar or another folder. It is convenient to add it to the bookmarks bar because this can be shown just above the web page. Press Shift+Ctrl+B to toggle the bookmarks bar on or off in Chrome.

Bookmark a website in Chrome


Create folders for bookmarks

Bookmarks can be stored in folders and if you add a folder to the bookmarks bar, it acts like a menu. Select Choose another folder when adding a bookmark and you can view the folders, create new folders, and choose where to store the bookmark.

Store bookmarks in folders in Chrome

Here’s a quick tip: Right click an empty part of the bookmarks bar and select Add folder on the menu. Name it. Now you can drag the URL from the address box and drop it on the the folder you created on the bookmarks bar. Drag the i or the Secure to the left of the URL to drag it.

You can right click in a folder menu and create folders within it. And you can drag URLs and drop them in them.

Delete bookmark names

Bookmarks don’t always need names. There is only so much space on the bookmarks bar, so to fit more websites on it, right click a bookmark and select Edit. Delete the name and click Save. The website icon remains and if it is easily recognised, the name isn’t needed. Take a look at these.

Delete the name of a bookmark in Chrome to leave just the icon

Those three icons might not mean much to you with no names, but I know what sites they are because I use them so often. They consume very little space and this means I can fit more items in the bookmarks bar.

I have still run out of space and have resorted to naming folders 0 and 1, simple to make them use as little space as possible. This is how bookmarks become a mess!

Rearrange bookmarks

Did you know that bookmarks can be clicked and dragged on the bookmarks bar? Rearrange them by dragging them into the order that suits you best.

Delete bookmarks

If there are bookmarks or folders you do not want, right click them and select Delete on the menu that is displayed.

Sort Chrome bookmarks into order

After adding lots of bookmarks, it becomes difficult to find the one you want. Sorting them into alphabetical order makes it easier to find sites in a long list, but this cannot be done from the Chrome interface.

Go to the menu and select Bookmarks, Bookmark manager. Folders are displayed in the sidebar and the contents of the currently selected folder are listed in the main part of the window.

Select any folder and then click Reorder by title on the Organise menu. Only the contents of the selected folder are sorted and there isn’t a global sort facility. You must select each folder and sort it.

Sort bookmarks into alphabetical order in Chrome using the bookmarks manager


Back up Chrome bookmarks

Chrome bookmarks are stored in your Google account and are synced across computers. This means that deleted bookmarks are synced too. What if they were all deleted by a bug or bad plugin? You could lose the lot because the deletions are synced!

It is essential that you back up Chrome bookmarks.

Open the menu and go to Bookmarks, Bookmark manager. Select the topmost folder in the sidebar, then click Organise and select Export bookmarks to HTML file. Save the bookmarks file somewhere safe.

Also on this menu is an option to import bookmarks and this is used if you ever need to restore them. Since the bookmarks backup is an HTML file, it can be double clicked to view it in a browser too.

Add a bookmarks menu

Folders on the bookmarks bar act like menus and they are useful, but what if the bookmarks bar is hidden, or if there are too many items to fit in the bar?

This is where the Bookmarks Menu Chrome extension is useful. Add it to Chrome and a new icon appears to the right of the address box. Click it and all your bookmarks appear as a menu.

Bookmarks Menu Chrome extension

Right click the button and select Options to configure the menu. The font can be changed, the size selected, the size of icons set, the scrollbar width adjusted and so on. There are a lot of configuration settings so you can make the menu look just as you want it.

Chrome Bookmarks Manager extension settings

One advantage of Bookmarks Menu is that you no longer need to have the bookmarks bar on the screen. Press Shift+Ctrl+B to hide it and there is more space for the web page.

Replace Chrome bookmarks manager

The whole bookmarks manager in Chrome can be replaced with a newer and more modern one by installing the Bookmarks Manager Chrome extension.

This is from Google and it has a more modern interface that you might prefer. Just go to the Chrome menu and select Bookmarks, Bookmark manager as you did before. The new Bookmarks Manager appears instead of the old one.

Google Bookmarks Manager extension for Chrome

There are no additional features and the difference between the old and new bookmarks manager is the interface. The new one is brighter, more colourful, and more attractive. It also offers a text based list view and a tiled view - click the icon in the upper right corner.

Google Bookmarks Manager extension for Chrome

You can switch back to the old bookmarks manager by going to the menu, More tools, Extensions and clearing the checkbox next to it to disable it.

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