Show Microsoft and Google Calendars on the taskbar in Windows 10

See your agenda for the day by clicking the clock in the Windows taskbar

Did you know that it is possible to see your upcoming appointments and events from the taskbar in Windows 10? You don’t need to open any apps and one click shows your agenda.

A step by step guide showing how to view your calendar agenda on the taskbar in Windows 10. Add Google Calendar too

This is a nice feature of Windows 10 and it enables you to access the Calendar app from the time/date in the taskbar. Even if you don’t use Microsoft Calendar, you can still see events on whatever other calendar you use by adding it to the app.

For example, you can add Google Calendar and see events that have been added to it on the taskbar. Microsoft Calendar syncs with Google Calendar and others.

Show the calendar

The clock at the right side of the taskbar is the key and it does more than you might think. For example, have you tried clicking it? It displays a pop-up panel that contains a calendar for the current month.

The Windows calendar pop-up panel

Use the up and down arrows near the top right to jump from month to month. You can easily see what day of the week the new year starts on, or the day of your holiday or birthday later in the year.

The date at the top under the time is clickable and it instantly returns you to today.

Notice that there is a Today section and below it says No events. Click the plus button on the right to add events to your calendar.

Create a calendar event

A window opens and you can enter a name for the event and choose which calendar to add it to. The default is Outlook calendar, but if you have added Google Calendar (I show how to add it below), then it appears as Gmail. It is up to you whether you use Microsoft, Google or some other calendar and the app is flexible.

Create an event in Windows Calendar

Click the calendar icon to choose the day of the event and the time is just to the right. It can be for a specific length of time, such as an hour or an all day event. An icon can even be for the event, but they are quite limited and it is a shame you can’t choose emoji.

Set the date of an event in Windows calendar

Save the calendar event using the button at the top of the window.

View your agenda

After adding a few events to the calendar, click the clock at the right side of the taskbar and now in the bottom half are the items you added.

View your calendar agenda from the taskbar in Windows 10

It only shows the agenda for the day selected. Today is the 11th so it is highlighted in solid blue in the screenshot above and I clicked 18 to see my agenda for that day.

Add Google Calendar to Microsoft Calendar

The appointments added above were stored in Google Calendar and if you are wondering how to show events from other calendars in the clock pop-up panel, here is how to add them.

Open the Calendar app from the Start menu and in the left panel, click the gear icon to open Settings.

Windows 10 Calendar app

In the Settings panel on the right, click Manage Accounts in the list of items and then click Add Account.

Add another account to Windows 10 Calendar app

These are the easy options, below them is an option to manually configure a calendar account. We want to add Google Calendar, so click it in the list.

Add another calendar to Windows 10 Calendar app

You then need to sign in to your Google account using your Gmail email address and password. If you have two-factor authentication set up, you will be asked for the code that is sent via text message to your phone.

Authorise access to your Google account

The Google account, or whichever account you added, appears in the left panel in the calendar app. If that calendar contains multiple calendars, then these appear as checkboxes and you can choose the ones that are to be visible.

Google Calendar in the Windows 10 Calendar app

That’s it, now when you create a calendar event, there is a choice of calendars to add it to.

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