How to fix a missing battery icon on the taskbar in Windows

If the battery icon is missing from the taskbar, put is back

Restore a missing battery icon on the taskbar in Windows with this guide. It takes just a minute to put it back.

At the right side of the taskbar in Windows is a battery icon or at least there should be a battery icon, but sometimes it disappears. If you have this problem there is an easy fix that can help.

I had this fault happen recently and after three years of having a battery icon on the taskbar on my Windows laptop computer, one day it wasn’t there. How can it disappear?

This sort of odd behaviour occurs most often after a Windows update has been downloaded and installed. Some glitch in the update procedure or incompatibility with the files causes Windows to stop displaying the battery icon on the taskbar. It may also occur for other reasons not related to updates. It is a mystery.

This means that you cannot see the battery level when working away from the mains power with your laptop. Clicking the battery icon normally provides a display of the remaining power and also in Windows 10 it has a Battery Saver button to reduce power usage so you can work longer. You cannot see how long is remaining when charging either.

Clicking the battery in the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update displays a panel with a slider so that you can choose between power savings and performance, but with no icon you can't do this.

All these features are essential when working on a laptop, so the battery icon is greatly missed.

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I will use Windows 10 for this guide, but Windows 7 is very similar.

Restore a missing battery icon

The Windows taskbar with missing battery icon

1 Right click an empty part of the taskbar

2 Select Taskbar settings on the menu that appears

3 In the Settings app, click Turn system icons on or off

If you are really lucky, enabling the battery icon will be a simple matter of turning on the switch. In my case, it was gray and would not turn on or off. It was disabled.

Show or hide Windows taskbar icons


1 Right click the Start button and select Device Manager on the menu that appears

2 Expand the Batteries section in Device Manager when it appears

The Batteries section in Windows Device Manager

There are three possible options and any one might restore the battery icon. In my case I selected the option to Disable device. I waited a few seconds and then returned to this menu and click Enable device. The battery icon then appeared in the taskbar and has been there ever since.

If this does not work for you, select Update driver. Updates are not always found though. Select Uninstall device and remove it. Restart Windows afterwards and the device will be put back in Device Manager.

It is a mystery why the battery icon disappears, but fortunately the fix is quite easy.

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