Remix photos into movies with the new Photos app in Windows 10

Create amazing movies from collections of photos in Windows 10

Remix your photographs into movies you can save or share online using the new Photos app in Windows 10. Step by step guide.

The Windows Photos app has had some brilliant new features added recently and it is now able to turn your photos into movies that can be saved or shared online. Remix your videos in Photos!

The Photos app in Windows 10 is probably the best app that Microsoft bundles with the operating system and it is brilliant. It has to be said that it was quite dull when it was first launched, but take another look, it is outstanding.

How to get it

How can you avoid it? Updates are hard to skip these days and the Photos app will automatically update unless you have done something to try and stop it. Open the Windows Store app, click the three dots for the menu and select Downloads & updates. You will see that the Photos app was updated recently, but if not, update it from here.

The Windows 10 Photos app

Create a video

There is a button in the middle of the bar at the top called Create and clicking it displays a menu with Video remix, Video project and Album. Let’s take a look at Video remix.

The Create menu in the Windows 10 Photos app

This feature enables you to create videos from photos you have taken and transferred to your PC. The video can then be saved to disk or shared online.

It shows the photos from the usual locations such as the Pictures folder on the disk drive and on OneDrive and using the checkbox in the corner of each thumbnail, any number of photos can be selected.

For example, you could select the best photos from a holiday, a wedding or party, you pet and so on. Click the Add button at the top when you have selected all that you want to use in the video.

Remix videos

After selecting a number of photos, the Photos all creates a video automatically. It puts the photos in order, adds movement like zoom and pan, and adds music.

Before doing anything else, watch the video and if it is not what you want, click the big blue button Remix it for me.

The Remix function in the Windows 10 Photos app

If it is perfect, click Export or share.

Edit the video

You will probably want to edit the video. Not because it is bad, but because you can customise all the settings and make it even better. Click Edit video.

The video editor in the Windows 10 Photos app

The photos are shown along the bottom and the duration of each one is shown on the thumbnail. Select a photo and click Duration just above the photo strip to choose how long it should appear in the movie.

Select a photo and click Filters to apply some fun effects to the photo. They are the sort of filters you find in many photo apps, Instagram and so on. There is sepia, classic, adventure inky and more. Click Done in the top right corner.

Motion effects can be added to photos in the Windows 10 Photos app

The Text facility enables you to add titles to the start of the movie, the end, or to any photo within it. Select the photo, click text and then choose one of the styles. There are only six, but they are very easy to use.

Text effects in the Windows 10 Photos app

Motion makes static photos come alive – it tricks the eye into thinking they are moving by zooming and panning. Select a photo, click Motion and then choose one of the effects. Each can be previewed before being applied.

Motion effects can be added to photos in the Windows 10 Photos app

Music is automatically added, but you can select your own. Do not add your favourite music if you intend sharing the video online because YouTube, Facebook and others are very sensitive about copyright music in shared videos. It is ok if you are simply watching the videos on your own computer, phone or TV though.

Export and share

Click Export or share when you are happy with the video and there are Small, Medium and Large output options. It suggests Medium for online sharing.

The video is saved to disk and it can be shared to social media. Sharing relies on other apps, so if you have the Facebook app installed, you can share to Facebook. The video can be uploaded to social networks outside of the Photos app the same way you share other videos and photos of course.

Save and share the video created in the Windows 10 Photos app

The video editing features in the Photos app can’t be used to create the latest Hollywood blockbuster and they are intended to be extremely easy and quick to use. Everything is super simple and point and click, and videos can be created and shared with friends and family with very little effort.

This is a great update for the Windows 10 Photos app.


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