Add special effects to your photos with these Windows 10 apps

Windows 10 apps for photographers

Four Windows 10 apps are on test and all aim to turn your photographs into impressive artwork. Make them look like water or oil paintings and more with a click or two of the mouse.

Four Windows 10 apps that turn photographs into works of art, such as oil or water paintings.

Painnt - Pro art filters

Price: Free | By: Moonlighting Apps | Size: 42 MB

Painnt is is collection of more than 170 filters that can be applied to photos to make them look amazing. The filters are in categories such as Classic, Material, Modern, Mosaic, Nature and others.

Many of the filters are locked and require payment, but the are sufficient free filters to make this app fun to use without paying. Browse the categories and you can easily see the free and paid filters.

Painnt Windows 10 app turns photos into artwork

Select a filter and you can then select an existing photo from the disk drive or take a new one using the PC’s camera if you have one. Most laptops do.

The image loads and the default settings for the filter are applied. A panel on the right provides a collection of a collection of sliders for adjusting the transparency, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, noise reduction, sharpness and many more effects. When you are happy with the image, it can then be saved to disk.

The filters are excellent and the resulting images are very nice. However, the app seems incomplete. For example, after processing one photo I could not find a way to process a different one, apart from quitting the app and running it again. Also, the preview image is not updated when adjusting the sliders and I had to switch output resolutions to get it to update.

The maximum output size in the free app is 1280 x 720, but by upgrading to the paid version the photo can be saved at its original resolution.

The app needs some work, but don’t let that put you off because the filters are brilliant.

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Cartoon Photo Filters - Cool Art

Price: Free | By: Express Apps | Size: 42 MB

Unfortunately this app did nothing on my computer. It let me load a picture and then displayed some animated sparkles on it and that’s it. It does not appear to work, at least on the latest version of Windows 10.

Water Painting Lab

Price: Free | By: Videopix | Size: 17 MB

Water Painting App aims to turn your photographs into images that look like watercolour paintings. It is a free app that provides a small collection of effects that can be applied to photos.

After selecting a photo from the disk or taking one with the PC’s camera, it is displayed as large preview. Along the bottom of the window are around 18 thumbnail images and these are the effects that can be applied.

Add filters to photos with Water Painting Lab app for Windows 10

I wasn’t impressed either by the range or the quality of the filters. I didn’t think any of the filters looked like water paintings, although some were interesting in other ways.

The output resolution is low and the app is disappointing compared to the excellent Painnt.

Water Paint & Art Effect

Price: Free | By: Fruit Candy | Size: 35 MB

Water Paint & Art Effect is another app that aims to turn your photographs into artwork. It is similar in many ways to Water Painting lab and you can take a photo with the PC’s camera or load one from disk.

A large preview image is displayed and at the bottom of the screen is a strip of thumbnail images showing the effects. Click a thumbnail and the effect is applied.

Turn photographs into water paintings

I was not impressed with the app, the filters, or the output resolution, which were disappointing.

The best art app

Four apps from the Windows Store were tested and one was superb, but three were poor. That is often the case with Windows Store apps and there are some brilliant apps, but also a lot of duds.

Painnt is excellent and is recommended. There are free filters to experiment with and a lot more that can be unlocked with a payment. One week (£3.29), month (£6.99) or year (£24.99)

A photo processed with Painnt app for Windows

Find it by opening the Windows 10 Store app and searching for ‘Painnt’.

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