How to batch process photos and apply multiple effects in one go

Batch process multiple photos in one go using BatchPhoto Espresso online tool.

When you have a collection of photos that you need to process, such as resize, sharpen or lighten, it can be tedious work. BatchPhoto applies multiple effects to all images to save time and effort.

Producing perfect photos is partly about getting it right when you take them, but no matter how careful you are, sometimes they need tweaking afterwards.

You may end up with a group of photos that are too dark, or that are slightly fuzzy and need sharpening. The colours may look drab and in need of boosting with a little increased saturation.

You may want to resize a group of photos, such as for display on a webpage, Facebook or your blog.

Processing each photograph in a photo editor is slow, tedious and repetitive work that can take a long time.

BatchPhoto saves the time and effort by enabling you process multiple photos in one go. You can choose the photos, pick the effects and transformations you need to apply, and easily apply them to all photos. Everything is done for you in a fraction of the time it would normally take to individually process them.

BatchPhoto is a commercial app that must be purchased, downloaded and run on your PC, but if you scroll right down to the bottom of the home page, past all the sales pitches, there is a free online version of the software.

BatchPhoto Espresso

Go to and click the big red FREE button near the bottom of the page. It opens BatchPhoto Espresso.

BatchPhoto website

There are three tabs and on the first tab enables you to add photos. The easiest way to do this is to open an Explorer window and find and select them. Then drag them over to the browser window and drop them on it.

Upload multiple photos to BatchPhoto Espresso

Select any one of the photos that were uploaded by clicking a thumbnail and then click the Step 2 tab. There is a large button at the top labelled Add Filters. Click it and there are three menus - Transform, Touch-Up and Effects.

Batch apply photo filters

Apply effects to multiple photos at BatchPhoto Espresso

After selecting a menu an effect, touch-up or transformation, look below the image for the controls.

Change the hue and saturation of photos at BatchPhoto Espresso

They change according to the menu item that is selected and these sliders enable the hue and saturation to be adjusted for example.

Batch resize photos

Resize images at BatchPhoto Espresso

Apply effects, undo them and experiment with them until you get the photo looking just as you want it. When you are finished, click the Step 3 tab.

Batch convert file formats

Convert photos to different file formats at BatchPhoto Espresso

Enter a filename in the Rename fox and all the photos are named identically, but with an number added to the end.

There are around 65 different image file formats and these are selected in the Format list at the top. Even if you do nothing else, you can easily batch convert images from one image file format to another.

Some file formats have options and the JPEG compress can be set for example.

Click the big blue ALL PHOTOS button at the bottom and whatever effects and transformations that were applied to the one photo you selected are applied to all the photos that were uploaded. The processed photos are zipped up and then downloaded in one file.

One of the nice features of this online bulk photo editor is that it works on anything with a browser, such as Windows, Linux, Mac or even a phone or tablet. It can be used almost anywhere.

BatchPhoto Espresso is a useful free tool and one to add to your collection. Bookmark it!


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