Catch up with the new design and features in Google Calendar

Keep on top of tasks and appointments with Google Calendar

A guide to the new and changed features in Google Calendar. It has a more modern look thanks to the new design.

Google Calendar has a new look and new features. Are you up to speed with the changes? If you don’t yet use this online calendar, you should, it is simple, yet useful for work and personal use.

Anyone with a Google account, such as Gmail, Drive, Google+ or an Android phone, has access to Google Calendar and it is available online in a browser, on your Android phone and iPhone, and on tablets too.

Google has been testing a new interface for some time and during early 2018 is rolling out the changes to everyone. It has a new design that looks both modern and simple, and it is better than ever.

1 Add an event

It has always been possible to add an event in the calendar by clicking on a day, but now there is a redesigned pop-up window for creating it. Click any day and enter the title.

Create an event in Google Calendar


2 Set the hour

An all-day event it created by default, but clearing the checkbox enables you to click the date and time and choose when it starts and when it ends.

Set the start and even time of an event in Google Calendar


3 Select the calendar

Click next to the calendar icon at the bottom and if you have more than one calendar, select the one you want to add the event to.

select the calendar to add an event to in Google Calendar


4 Add more options

Next to the SAVE button (see the first screenshot), is MORE OPTIONS. You can save the event right now if you have added all the information you need, but there are many more options for those that need them. For example, a location can be added, you can set the time as Busy or Free, and there is a text editor with formatting, bulleted and numbered lists, links and file attachments.

Add event details when creating and event in Google Calendar


5 Add guests

If you are meeting with people, add them as guests on the right. Just start typing a name and people are suggested from your contacts.

Invite people to an event in Google Calendar


6 Change the colour

Each calendar is assigned a colour, but you can change the colour of any event by right clicking it and selecting a colour. A solid bar indicates an all-day event, but a white bar with a coloured blog is an event at a specific time.

Change the colour of an event in Google Calendar


7 View an event

Click an event in the calendar and a window appears that shows the details, such as the date, time, location, notes and links. Click the pencil icon if you want to edit the details.

View an event in Google Calendar


8 Access the menu

In the top right corner of this window is three dots. Click it for a menu. You can print the event, duplicate it, copy it to another calendar, publish it and so on.

The menu options for an event in Google Calendar


9 Select a calendar view

There are many view options and they are available in the menu at the top right corner. If you want to print a list of upcoming events, select Schedule view and then select Print on the gear menu.

Select the view in Google Calendar


10 New settings

Click the gear icon to access the menu. A Back to classic Calendar is shown here, but this will probably disappear sooner or later as the new Calendar becomes the default. Click Density and colour.

The menu in Google Calendar


11 Change the density and colour

Select this option on the gear menu and a panel pops up at the bottom of the browser with two options. The view can be responsive to the screen size or compact. The colour set can be Modern or Classic. It is just personal preference, so try the settings and see which you prefer the most.

Select the view and the colour set in Google Calendar


12 New settings

The settings have been given a makeover and sections are listed on the left. Select a section to view and adjust the settings.

Google Calendar settings

Google Calendar looks better with these interface changes and it is perhaps even easier to use than before, although it has never been difficult. The changes are small, but welcome.



  1. Thank you for this! So helpful! I use Google Calendar on the job everyday, so this was a perfect little update.

  2. I like some of these new features, especially being able to change the default meeting time period! I also love that they’ve added a conferencing feature, although now that I’m a SAHM, I rarely use that feature anymore!

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