Colour black and white photos to make them stand out with special effects

Create an impressive colour effect in your digital camera photographs

Selectively colour objects in black and white photos to make them stand out. It's a great effect.

Fotor - Colour Splash Studio is a great Windows 10 app that enables you to colour black and white photographs to produce a popular special effect. Add it to your photo editing toolkit.

This free Windows 10 app probably isn’t what you think it is and I was certainly fooled by it. I spent the first 10 minutes loading black and white photos and trying to colourise them. This is not what Fotor - Colour Splash Studio does.

It takes a normal full colour photo and turns it into a black and white image. You can then add the colour back to selected parts of it to make objects pop out. It is a popular special effect that is often seen in images.

Where to get Fotor - Colour Splash Studio

Open the Windows Store app in Windows 10 and search for ‘Fotor - Colour Splash Studio’. Install the app and then run it from the Start menu. You may see a pop-up message asking if you want to pin it to Start, which adds it as a tile. It can also be right clicked on the Start menu to add it as a tile.

Load a photo

Run the app and the home screen shows a small collection of sample images. You can open these to practise on, but you can jump right in and colour your own photos because it is easy to learn.

Click Open a photo and select a photograph from the Pictures folder on the disk. It should be a colour image and the best ones feature an object that you want to stand out. It could be your pet dog or cat, a single flower, a person, and so on.

Fotor - Colour Splash Studio for Windows 10

It is best with the object fairly close to the camera and fairly large. A landscape would not work very well, but a portrait of a dog, person or object would.

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Paint tools

The image is loaded and converted into a black and white image. If the paint tools are not visible, click the down arrow in the top right corner of the window.

Fotor - Colour Splash Studio for Windows 10

At the top are controls that affect the paint brush size, softness and intensity. At the bottom are three controls to adjust the brightness, contrast and colour saturation.

There is an eraser, so if you make a mistake, such as going over an edge, you can remove the unwanted colour.

Paint in colour

Make the brush fairly large and click the image to switch to paint mode. The brush is shown as a couple of circles and you simple click and drag on the image to reveal the original colour.

It is as if the app places a black and white copy of the image on top and you scrape away or erase it to reveal the colour image below.

Click the down arrow and select a small brush, return to the image and zoom in by spinning the mouse wheel. You can then paint right up to the edges of the object being coloured more easily.

There must be a bit of intelligence built into the app because it is quite easy to stay within the edges of an object when colouring it.

Fotor - Colour Splash Studio for Windows 10

A small selection of filters can be applied to the image to change the parts that have been coloured. These are interesting and sometimes useful for adding effects.

Save the image

When you have finished colouring the image, click the arrow in the top left corner and you are asked if you want to save it. It is saved to a folder in the Pictures folder and it appears in the My Pictures section within the Fotor app.

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