IOT is hot! And what’s cold about it?

What is IOT? Why is it a topic to be discussed? IOT or Internet of Things is nothing but connecting our appliances through internet, in other words making the appliances smarter than ever by controlling the devices from anywhere using the [...]

2016/03/07 // 0 Comments

Speed up thumb drives and boost performance

If you use a thumb drive you will have noticed that compared to a disk drive, and especially an SSD, it is slow to access. There is a way to increase the performance and get better read and write speeds on [...]

2016/03/02 // 0 Comments

Microsoft OneDrive help – your problems solved

OneDrive is Microsoft’s online storage, a drive in the cloud where you can put your files for safe keeping or to enable them to be accessed from other computers and devices. Here are some solutions to common [...]

2016/02/29 // 1 Comment

Optimise folders for their contents in Windows

Organising files and folders correctly on the disk drive helps you to find them and to browse the contents more easily. Windows has features for optimising folder contents that you should be [...]

2016/02/22 // 0 Comments

Impress with your writing by fixing the faults

Many people think that they write quite well, but do they really? There is one way to tell and this is by using a grammar checker. If you use Microsoft Word as your writing tool, there is one built [...]

2016/02/18 // 0 Comments

How long will it take to crack your password?

Do you choose good passwords that are hard to guess or are they easy ones to remember for convenience? How can you tell whether a password is a good one or not? Kaspersky has a website that will tell [...]

2016/02/15 // 1 Comment

New features for Google Keep you must try

Google Keep on the desktop and on phones is a great app for creating reminders, storing notes and building to-do lists. Are you up to date with the latest features? Here are some new [...]

2016/02/11 // 0 Comments

Should I defrag my hard disk drive?

If your PC is performing well below par, then defragging your hard drive is certainly something you should consider. A successful defrag can potentially improve the overall speed and performance of your system, in addition to hardware [...]

2016/02/04 // 0 Comments

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