How to type emoji characters in any Windows program

Emoji, those funny characters like smiley, sad, happy and crying faces, are often used in social media applications and are easy to insert when you are using a mobile phone or tablet, but how do you type them on a Windows [...]

2016/04/02 // 0 Comments

Extensions finally arrive in Microsoft Edge

Edge is the replacement to the ageing Internet Explorer and it is the default web browser in Windows 10. However, users of Microsoft's new operating system have reacted with apathy and it has not inspired them to use it. The market share of Edge is [...]

2016/03/18 // 0 Comments

Get creative with Chrome Music Lab

In an effort to make music fun for everyone, Google has created an entertaining website based around different ways to create music on your computer. Chrome Music Lab is well worth a [...]

2016/03/10 // 0 Comments

Solve Windows problems with Device Manager

Problems can be tough to solve and when the computer is not working properly, what can you do? Use Device Manager to solve problems, such as those related to the hardware and [...]

2016/03/09 // 0 Comments

IOT is hot! And what’s cold about it?

What is IOT? Why is it a topic to be discussed? IOT or Internet of Things is nothing but connecting our appliances through internet, in other words making the appliances smarter than ever by controlling the devices from anywhere using the [...]

2016/03/07 // 0 Comments

Speed up thumb drives and boost performance

If you use a thumb drive you will have noticed that compared to a disk drive, and especially an SSD, it is slow to access. There is a way to increase the performance and get better read and write speeds on [...]

2016/03/02 // 0 Comments

Microsoft OneDrive help – your problems solved

OneDrive is Microsoft’s online storage, a drive in the cloud where you can put your files for safe keeping or to enable them to be accessed from other computers and devices. Here are some solutions to common [...]

2016/02/29 // 2 Comments

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