New Start menu changes coming in Windows 10

Windows 10 is about to change and new features and ways of working with the operating system are coming to your PC soon. Here is a rundown of the changes to the Start menu. Windows features used to be fixed and once the operating system was [...]

2015/11/01 // 0 Comments

Google removes annoying ads with YouTube Red subscription

Google has announced plans to launch YouTube Red and it has three unique features. The first is that it will not have any adverts, the second is that it will contain original content, and the third is that you are required to pay a subscription to [...]

2015/10/22 // 1 Comment

Print to PDF in Windows 10 and forget XPS

The PDF file was invented by Adobe as a way of distributing documents and it has become a very widely used standard. Now support for creating PDF files is built into Windows [...]

2015/10/11 // 0 Comments

Use touch-screen gestures with Windows 10 Mail

Some laptop computers have touch screens and, of course, the Microsoft Surface is touch-enabled too. What can you use it for? Does it have a use? Sometimes it is indeed useful, such as with the Mail app in Windows [...]

2015/09/18 // 0 Comments

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