How to protect your data when working remotely

More than 30 million Americans work from home at least once a week, which makes data security increasingly important to many people. Whether a storm is keeping you from the office or you work from home, there are a number of considerations to make [...]

2015/09/03 // 0 Comments

Solve Windows 10 privacy issues with ShutUp10

Do you have privacy concerns about Windows 10? It is hard not to have seen the large number of negative articles in recent weeks covering the topic, but there is a solution and O&O ShutUp10 is the [...]

2015/08/24 // 0 Comments

How to fix Windows 10 upgrade problems

Windows 10 is here and millions of people have upgraded already and are already enjoying the benefits of this new free operating system. However, there are some people who are experiencing problems and here is a guide to solving Windows 10 upgrade [...]

2015/07/31 // 0 Comments

What to do when your security software gets it wrong

Security software is designed to protect you from viruses, Trojans, spyware and all the other various types of malware. We put our trust in antivirus programs, but they are not infallible and sometimes they are wrong. Do you know what to [...]

2015/07/27 // 0 Comments

What are incremental and differential backups?

If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 10, be sure to back up your disk drive first. Install backup software and it will have options like incremental and differential backups. What is the difference and which is [...]

2015/07/09 // 1 Comment

Add Momentum for a bright new tab page in Chrome

Tabs are quite possibly the best feature ever added to web browsers and it is hard to imagine life without them. They are quite dull, but function well enough. You can make them more exciting and add new features with Momentum for [...]

2015/07/04 // 0 Comments

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