The most controversial feature in Windows 10

There is a new feature in Windows 10 that is causing people to have second thoughts about Microsoft’s new operating system. It could be a fantastic new time saver or a serous security flaw depending on your [...]

2015/07/02 // 0 Comments

What you must do before installing Windows 10

No doubt you are considering upgrading to Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft, but there are important tasks you must perform before doing this. If you don’t, you may get into [...]

2015/06/29 // 0 Comments

Turn ordinary videos into great hyperlapse videos

If you have some ordinary, perhaps even quite dull videos, you can turn them into exciting hyperlapse videos that will wow your friends or audience. All you need is a simple and free utility for your Windows [...]

2015/06/25 // 0 Comments

Create panoramas from videos that look fantastic

If you have ever taken a video clip where you panned the camera by swivelling your hips as you shoot, you could turn the video into an impressive panoramic photograph. All you need is ICE, a free Microsoft [...]

2015/06/22 // 0 Comments

Improve the audio quality of your Windows PC

How does your PC sound? Does music have rich bass and crisp and clear output, or does it sound muddy and ill-defined? There are ways in which you can improve the quality of audio from your [...]

2015/06/18 // 0 Comments

Are you missing important Windows updates?

Windows Update is supposed to keep Windows on your PC bang up to date with all the latest bug fixes, latest versions, and security patches. However, you might be missing some important updates. Check [...]

2015/06/14 // 0 Comments

Enhance your photos with InPixio for free

Not everyone needs Photoshop and while it may be a powerful tool, for simple photo editing jobs a simple editor is sometimes the best option. InPixio is a free photo editor that is fine for enhancing your [...]

2015/06/09 // 0 Comments

Reserve your copy of Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of Windows 10 and it is going to be huge! Have you reserved your copy of the new operating system? You can do so now with a special task bar [...]

2015/06/01 // 0 Comments

Take control of your Facebook news feed and clean it up

What does your Facebook news feed look like? Is it full of stuff you are not interested in? Are there comments, videos, stories and and other items you just don't want? Are some of the items old and out of date? Time to clean it up and get it under [...]

2015/05/21 // 0 Comments

Play Crossy Road on your Windows PC or Surface

Crossy Road is a fantastically addictive game that is basically very simple, but you just cannot stop playing it. It has been a mega hit on Android and iOS, and you can play it on your Windows PC or Surface [...]

2015/05/13 // 0 Comments

Which apps are accessing your Facebook account?

Facebook and privacy is a constant issue for many people and there always seems to be a way that information leaks out. How are your Facebook details accessed and who can access them? Here is one [...]

2015/05/11 // 0 Comments

Speed up VirtualBox enormously with this simple tweak

VirtualBox is a great application for running various operating systems in a window on the desktop. However, the performance is sometimes not so good. In fact, it’s rotten. Why? Here is one solution you may not have [...]

2015/05/08 // 12 Comments

Is the Windows clock wrong? Here is the solution

I recently had an odd problem with files showing the wrong date in Explorer windows. Now the Windows clock is wrong. What is going on? Two time-related problems in two days! The cause of the clock error is interesting and it might help solve your [...]

2015/05/05 // 0 Comments

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