Don’t update your antivirus, get a new one instead

I am a firm believer that you need the latest antivirus technology to combat the latest viruses and if you do not have the latest software then you might not be fully protected. Upgrade instead of updating the virus [...]

2015/04/09 // 0 Comments

Get a slimmer, faster PDF viewer without the bloat

Software evolves over time and programs become increasingly larger and more complex. They can reach a point where they become bloated and tiresome to use. PDF readers is one example and it is hard, but not impossible to find a smaller, lighter PDF [...]

2015/04/07 // 2 Comments

7 Quick Tips to Boost your Wi-Fi Connection

Radio communication technology has changed our lives. We are connected with our equipment without a wire. Nowadays almost everyone is using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) in their cell phones, laptops, PCs, gadgets and other [...]

2015/03/31 // 0 Comments

Three top tools to fix your malware infected browser

There are many forms of malware and antivirus and other security software may not be effective against some types. Sometimes standard security software just isn’t good enough and you need special tools. Here are three great [...]

2015/03/29 // 0 Comments

Solve Wi-Fi connection problems with your laptop

Do you have network or internet connection problems with your laptop computer? Does the internet work, but then after a while it stops? I had this problem and the solution could be quite simple. You just need to change a [...]

2015/03/25 // 0 Comments

Speak Google Keep notes using voice recognition

Can you speak your Google Keep notes in Windows? Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply say, “OK Google Keep, create a note and...” and dictate what you want to store in the note. Keep would then turn it into text and save it. Is this [...]

2015/03/23 // 0 Comments

How to export images from a Word document

Suppose you receive a Word document that contains images and you want to save the images as separate files on the disk, perhaps to use them elsewhere. Suppose you created a document a long time ago and no longer have the original images. How do you [...]

2015/03/21 // 0 Comments

Get a free internet radio player for Linux and Windows

There is little need for a physical radio these days, apart from in the car. Instead of tuning in a radio to listen to your favourite station, it can be streamed over the internet instead. Here is a radio player for Linux and Windows [...]

2015/03/18 // 0 Comments

Stop Chrome opening two tabs when it is started

An irritating fault that can occur with Chrome is that when it is started, it opens your home page as normal, but then it also opens another page on another tab. What is causing this behaviour and how do you stop it? Here are some tips for solving [...]

2015/03/16 // 4 Comments

Repair Windows Update and get it working again

A small, but significant number of people have problems with Windows Update and it produces error messages, gets stuck part way through a download, it keeps reinstalling the same update and more. Fix those Windows Update problems and restore your PC [...]

2015/03/11 // 0 Comments

Keep your PC software up to date with this free tool

The software on your Windows computer could be out of date, even if you only installed it last week or yesterday. Applications and utilities are frequently updated and you can keep on top of the latest release using a free utility to notify you of [...]

2015/03/08 // 0 Comments

Switch DNS servers for speed and security

DNS (Domain Name System) servers are not something most people are concerned with, but they should be. They affect the speed of the internet connection and your security. Switch to a new DNS server and it can boost speed and make the internet [...]

2015/03/06 // 0 Comments

What happens when you cancel your Office subscription?

I had an Office 365 subscription and for various reasons I decided to cancel it. Some people may be wondering what happens to the Office programs you have installed and what happens to your documents, spreadsheets and other files. Here’s what [...]

2015/03/02 // 18 Comments

Find bad startup items with binary search

A common problem that many Windows users have is with starting the computer. It may take a long time to get to the desktop, such as five minutes or more. The PC might display messages on startup, such as error messages, notifications or even [...]

2015/03/01 // 0 Comments

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