Repair Windows Update and get it working again

A small, but significant number of people have problems with Windows Update and it produces error messages, gets stuck part way through a download, it keeps reinstalling the same update and more. Fix those Windows Update problems and restore your PC [...]

2015/03/11 // 0 Comments

Keep your PC software up to date with this free tool

The software on your Windows computer could be out of date, even if you only installed it last week or yesterday. Applications and utilities are frequently updated and you can keep on top of the latest release using a free utility to notify you of [...]

2015/03/08 // 0 Comments

Switch DNS servers for speed and security

DNS (Domain Name System) servers are not something most people are concerned with, but they should be. They affect the speed of the internet connection and your security. Switch to a new DNS server and it can boost speed and make the internet [...]

2015/03/06 // 0 Comments

What happens when you cancel your Office subscription?

I had an Office 365 subscription and for various reasons I decided to cancel it. Some people may be wondering what happens to the Office programs you have installed and what happens to your documents, spreadsheets and other files. Here’s what [...]

2015/03/02 // 18 Comments

Find bad startup items with binary search

A common problem that many Windows users have is with starting the computer. It may take a long time to get to the desktop, such as five minutes or more. The PC might display messages on startup, such as error messages, notifications or even [...]

2015/03/01 // 0 Comments

Uninstall unwanted web browser plugins and toolbars

Download and install software from the internet these days and you are likely to find that your web browser has been hijacked by a toolbar, plug-in or something similar. It can be very irritating and sometimes it makes browsing the web annoying as [...]

2015/02/25 // 0 Comments

Make OneDrive available offline for convenience

If you have Windows 8 and a Microsoft account, you have OneDrive, formerly called SkyDrive, and this means that you have access to several gigabytes of online storage free of charge. Any type of file can be stored in your online space, but it might [...]

2015/02/25 // 3 Comments

What you’re missing in Windows 8 – Sticky Notes

The most notable feature of Windows 8 is the Start screen with its tiles representing built in apps, apps downloaded from the Windows Store, and traditional software that has been installed. It is interesting, up to a point, but one big failing of [...]

2015/02/23 // 3 Comments

Get a better Windows display by tweaking ClearType

Many people spend hours each day staring at a computer screen and if the display is not perfect it could lead to tired and sore eyes. It might even give you a headache. You can make the display easier on your eyes by adjusting Windows ClearType [...]

2015/02/22 // 0 Comments

How to cancel or change Microsoft Office subscriptions

Microsoft Office used to be sold on CD and you paid the fee and that was that. Recently though, Microsoft has been encouraging use to download it from the internet and then pay a monthly subscription in order to use it. What if you decide you no [...]

2015/02/19 // 6 Comments

Apply incredible magic filters to your photos

Are the photographs that you take with your digital camera or smartphone dull and lifeless? If so, you can make them much more impressive by adding filters that apply special effects. A free app in the Windows Store is all you need to create [...]

2015/02/16 // 0 Comments

Watch your Wi-Fi hotspot with these network spy tools

Are you experiencing problems with your home Wi-Fi network? Do you have difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots when you are out with your laptop? There are some useful free utilities that can help you to monitor the devices on your wireless [...]

2015/02/13 // 0 Comments

Replace Windows 8 weather app with a better forecast

Windows 8.1 comes with a collection of pretty good apps and they have steadily improved since they were originally launched with Windows 8. The Weather app is very nice, but is it the best that a weather app can be or are there better weather [...]

2015/02/11 // 0 Comments

Remove malware with an emergency kit

There are many security suites to choose from that will keep your Windows computer free of viruses and other malware. However, few are perfect and even the best might let something slip through that infects your computer. It is useful to have other [...]

2015/02/09 // 0 Comments

Don’t read web pages, listen to them instead

Do you find reading web pages tiresome? Would you rather that someone read them out to you so that you could sit back and relax and just listen? This is entirely possible and it will not cost you [...]

2015/02/07 // 0 Comments

Create custom searches in Firefox for speed and convenience

We spend a lot of time in web browsers searching for information such as news, hobbies, research projects, work and so on. Anything that can make searching quicker and easier is welcome and here is a clever trick for Firefox that you may not be [...]

2015/02/03 // 0 Comments

Monitor your laptop battery and extend its life

Inadequate battery technology is one of the biggest problems we face these days and despite all the research and money thrown at the subject, they still run down far too quickly. How healthy is the battery in your laptop computer? Does it still hold [...]

2015/01/31 // 0 Comments

Is the internet too slow? Try this speedup trick

Right from the start, the internet was very slow today. Instead of the fast responsive world wide web, pages were appearing noticeably more slowly in the browser window and some websites were even producing errors. It would sometimes take two or [...]

2015/01/30 // 0 Comments

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