Automatically shut down or sleep on a schedule

  Have you ever wanted to perform some action on the computer automatically? Shutter Lite is a utility that enables you to monitor events and define actions that are automatically performed. Using these facilities it is easy to automatically shut [...]

2015/01/11 // 0 Comments

Make Windows SmartScreen work the way you want it to

  There is more malware for Windows computers than for any other operating system or device. That is because it is so popular and there are so many Windows PCs around – it’s a big target that attracts malware writers and scammers. To help [...]

2015/01/05 // 0 Comments

Monitor your internet data usage in Windows 8

  Some people have unlimited internet access, but not everyone does and for those that don’t, the question is, how do you monitor the amount of data you have uploaded and downloaded? If you have Windows 8.1 then this is easier than you might [...]

2015/01/04 // 0 Comments

Clean the disk with an Advanced Uninstaller

  Uninstalling Windows software using Programs and Features in the Control Panel frequently does a poor job of removing all the files and settings. It is not Windows fault and the uninstaller is provided by the software, not Windows. Uninstalling [...]

2015/01/02 // 0 Comments

Create encrypted containers to keep your files private

How do you protect the files on the computer’s disk drive so that only you can access them? One way is to encrypt them on a file by file basis and there are several utilities that can do this, but it is slow and tedious. A better method is to [...]

2014/12/29 // 0 Comments

Browse the disk with four times the power of Explorer

  There is no doubt that Windows Explorer is a useful tool and it enables you to browse the disks, folders and files on a Windows PC. You can view thumbnails of images, run programs, open documents, play music and much more. Is it the best way to [...]

2014/12/27 // 0 Comments

Discover the secrets of the PC’s hardware

  How much memory is in your PC? What type is it? What processor is on the motherboard? Which type of graphics is used? Who made the motherboard and what is the model number? All these questions and more can be answered by special utilities that [...]

2014/12/19 // 0 Comments

PrivaZer is the only privacy clean up tool you need

  I have looked at a lot of privacy and clean-up tools for Windows computers and some of them are pretty good. However, they are all very similar and they usually offer the same features. Apart from ease of use and a nice interface, there is little [...]

2014/12/17 // 0 Comments

Detect and fix security flaws in Windows software

  Hardly a day seems to pass by without another security issue hitting the headlines and we have to update Windows or the software on our computers to patch it. With all the software on a typical PC, it can be difficult keeping up with the latest [...]

2014/12/15 // 0 Comments

Protect your web browser and remove malware

There are many security tools that protect your from malware infections like viruses and Trojans, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a popular choice. Can you name two other security tools from the same company though? One protects web browsers from [...]

2014/12/12 // 1 Comment

Is your computer’s CPU overheating?

  When computers are working hard, such as when playing games, video editing and other processor-intensive activities, you may have noticed that it gets quite hot. You can feel the heat through the computer's case, the fan blows out hot air like a [...]

2014/12/08 // 0 Comments

Are you using the right Disk Clean-up tool in Windows 8?

  As the computer is used, temporary disk files are created, log files are written to, thumbnail caches grow, Windows updates are added and so on. None of these is essential and it just amounts to disk clutter. Too much can affect the performance [...]

2014/12/06 // 0 Comments

Replace the missing Windows 8 Start menu with JetStart

  From Windows 95 through 98, ME, XP, Vista and 7, we had a Start menu that enabled access to all the software installed on the PC and system functions like shutting down, restarting and so on. Windows 8 threw out this feature, leaving people with [...]

2014/12/05 // 0 Comments

Keep your disk clean with Wise Program Uninstaller

  Uninstallers have been provided with software for 15 years or more, but even though it is old technology and you might expect programmers to have mastered it, some uninstallers still don’t fully remove software. It is odd that this happens, but [...]

2014/12/02 // 0 Comments

Solve Google Drive Sync errors

  The Google Drive app can be installed on a Windows PC or Apple Mac and this creates a folder on the local disk drive that is a mirror image of your online storage space. It saves having to up and download files through the browser. Just drag one [...]

2014/11/29 // 2 Comments

Create, resize, move partitions with Partition Wizard

Would an extra disk drive be useful for storing photos, videos, music and documents? How about installing an extra operating system, such as a different version of Windows or even Linux? This is possible using a free tool called MiniTool Partition [...]

2014/11/24 // 0 Comments

Got a problem with Windows or the internet? Fix it!

  Everyone has problems with their computer from time to time and as they become more complicated, they become harder to fix. Windows is looks very simple on the surface and is easy to use, but underneath it is actually very complicated and hard to [...]

2014/11/22 // 0 Comments

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