Are you using the right Disk Clean-up tool in Windows 8?

  As the computer is used, temporary disk files are created, log files are written to, thumbnail caches grow, Windows updates are added and so on. None of these is essential and it just amounts to disk clutter. Too much can affect the performance [...]

2014/12/06 // 0 Comments

Replace the missing Windows 8 Start menu with JetStart

  From Windows 95 through 98, ME, XP, Vista and 7, we had a Start menu that enabled access to all the software installed on the PC and system functions like shutting down, restarting and so on. Windows 8 threw out this feature, leaving people with [...]

2014/12/05 // 0 Comments

Keep your disk clean with Wise Program Uninstaller

  Uninstallers have been provided with software for 15 years or more, but even though it is old technology and you might expect programmers to have mastered it, some uninstallers still don’t fully remove software. It is odd that this happens, but [...]

2014/12/02 // 0 Comments

Solve Google Drive Sync errors

  The Google Drive app can be installed on a Windows PC or Apple Mac and this creates a folder on the local disk drive that is a mirror image of your online storage space. It saves having to up and download files through the browser. Just drag one [...]

2014/11/29 // 2 Comments

Create, resize, move partitions with Partition Wizard

Would an extra disk drive be useful for storing photos, videos, music and documents? How about installing an extra operating system, such as a different version of Windows or even Linux? This is possible using a free tool called MiniTool Partition [...]

2014/11/24 // 0 Comments

Got a problem with Windows or the internet? Fix it!

  Everyone has problems with their computer from time to time and as they become more complicated, they become harder to fix. Windows is looks very simple on the surface and is easy to use, but underneath it is actually very complicated and hard to [...]

2014/11/22 // 0 Comments

Are you using the right laptop power plan?

  Many people buy a laptop, install their favourite software and then just assume everything else is set up right, but is it? Perhaps not. One issue of interest to laptop users is the battery life and there are different power plans that can extend [...]

2014/11/18 // 0 Comments

Change the default programs for file types in Windows 8

  When you double click an audio file on the computer in an Explorer window, which program opens and plays it? When you double click a JPEG photo, which program is used to display it or edit it? What about PDFs? Does the right program always open [...]

2014/11/15 // 0 Comments

Reset Chrome zoom levels for websites

  A useful feature in all web browsers is the ability to zoom in an out of a web page. In other words, to shrink the contents or to magnify them. Chrome remembers the zoom setting for every website you use zoom with, so how do you reset Chrome and [...]

2014/11/12 // 1 Comment

The best antivirus program you have never heard of

  There are many security programs, but most people tend to stick with the ones they know. Popular programs include AVG Antivirus, Avira, Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky, and Panda. There are a few dodgy programs that masquerade as security [...]

2014/11/09 // 0 Comments

Add a system monitor to the Windows desktop

  Back in the days of Windows 7, we had desktop gadgets. These were mini applications that had floating windows on the desktop, and they provided useful information or tools. Microsoft abandoned gadgets with Windows 8 and I was disappointed to lose [...]

2014/11/07 // 0 Comments

Fix Windows Explorer crashes when opening a folder

  Windows Explorer seems to have a problem with certain types of photo or video files and it can crash when certain folders or files are accessed. This can happen when opening a folder in an Explorer window and it may be related to a problem that [...]

2014/11/05 // 0 Comments

Clean temporary files in Windows to fix problems

  When Windows is going about its business of running software, downloading and installing updates, and so on, it creates temporary files. When programs are run, they can also create temporary files. These are not permanent files like the program, [...]

2014/10/27 // 0 Comments

Clean up and reset Internet Explorer

  Internet Explorer does not dominate the web browser market like it used to, but it is still very popular and is used by a lot of people. However, it is easy to install extensions and toolbars and this makes it a target for software. Install some [...]

2014/10/26 // 0 Comments

Use YouTube’s TV interface and remote control

  YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet watching videos is straightforward enough. Just go to and click a video. This is the standard web browser interface and there is a lot of clutter on the screen, such as the [...]

2014/10/23 // 0 Comments

Unblock programs blocked by Windows SmartScreen

   There is a lot of great software on the internet and whatever application or utility you need, you will probably find it with a search using Google, Bing or one of the other search engines. Among the tens of thousands of good programs are a [...]

2014/10/22 // 0 Comments

Improve your PC backup strategy

  We all know we should make backups of the files on our computer’s disk drive, but many people do not bother. Why? Partly it is because disks are so reliable. I have been using hard disk drives for over 20 years and have not yet had one fail. [...]

2014/10/20 // 0 Comments

Sync computers and exchange files with BitTorrent Sync

  Transferring files between computers is something we all have to do from time to time and there are several situations where this can be necessary. You might want to transfer files from one computer to another, such as work to home, desktop to [...]

2014/10/16 // 0 Comments

Think you have malware? View network activity

    Start your computer and watch it carefully. After some initial activity it settles down into an idle state. The desktop doesn’t change, the icons and folders on it don’t change, nothing else appears on the screen, and you might think [...]

2014/10/14 // 0 Comments

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