Solve Dropbox sync problems

Dropbox is an excellent utility and one of the useful things it does is back up files on your computer and sync them with your other computers. Sometimes though, it doesn’t sync and different computers can have different files. What is going on [...]

2014/07/14 // 0 Comments

Fix photo exposure flaws in Linux

Photographs taken outdoors tend to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes you get a great one, but occasionally they are not so good. The auto-exposure of modern digital cameras and mobile phones can be fooled and you get a dark underexposed image. Here [...]

2014/07/11 // 0 Comments

How to spot a fake Amazon email

There are several ways that viruses can get onto your computer and one is through email. A malicious program can be attached to an email message and if you open it, you risk infecting your computer. Malware can lock your PC until you pay a fee to [...]

2014/07/10 // 0 Comments

Boost battery life in Linux on laptops

Do you use Linux? Do you have a laptop? You can configure the power settings to get the maximum performance or the maximum life out of the battery. Sadly, you cannot have both and it is one or the other. Of course, you could compromise and have a [...]

2014/07/09 // 0 Comments

Customise the Windows desktop with Rainmeter

Desktop gadgets was a great feature of Windows 7 and it enabled small utilities and information panels to be displayed on the desktop. Unfortunately, Microsoft abandoned widgets and they are no longer in Windows 8. In some ways Rainmeter is like [...]

2014/07/08 // 1 Comment

News roundup 5th Jun

The latest news stories over the last week. Microsoft increases OneDrive free storage Right now, Office 365 subscribers get 20GB of online storage space on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This will be increased to 1TB – 1,000GB – [...]

2014/07/06 // 0 Comments

What happens to Gmail messages you archive?

If you are a Google Mail user you will have noticed options to archive email messages. There is a button to archive the currently selected message in the toolbar for example. What happens to emails you [...]

2014/07/01 // 0 Comments

Abandon sticky notes and put Google Keep on the desktop

When you are working on your computer or simply browsing the web for fun, you will occasionally need to temporarily store information. One way of doing this is with sticky notes apps and there is no shortage of utilities, but Google Keep now runs on [...]

2014/06/28 // 9 Comments

Move the taskbar to a better position in Windows

For many years computer monitors were square. They roughly measured the same horizontally as they did vertically and having a taskbar at the bottom of the screen made sense. Today’s monitors are not square and the bottom of the screen may not be [...]

2014/06/24 // 2 Comments

What is Bing Desktop and is it worth it?

If you have ever manually run Windows Update to see if there is anything new, you might have noticed an optional item called Bing Desktop. What is this extra and do you need it? After seeing it for what seems like years, I finally succumbed and [...]

2014/06/24 // 0 Comments

Age photos with the Windows 8 Photos app

It is easy to dismiss the Photos app in Windows 8 as a lightweight that doesn’t offer very much and it is true that the original wasn't that impressive, but the latest version with Windows 8.1 has more features than you might think. It has filters [...]

2014/06/23 // 0 Comments

Straighten photos with Windows 8 Photos app

We all take crooked photos occasionally and if you aren't careful with the camera and hold it exactly horizontal, the resulting slope of the landscape can ruin a good photograph. This is most obvious where the horizon is horizontal, such as when you [...]

2014/06/21 // 0 Comments

Recover disk space used by Windows 8 File History

Windows used to come with a built in Backup program that could be used to back up your files to a second disk drive, such as a USB disk. Windows 8 doesn't have this facility and instead it has File History. What you may not realise is the large [...]

2014/06/19 // 0 Comments

Show more tiles on the Windows 8 Start screen

The Windows 8 Start screen does not show every app and program that is installed and instead, it shows a small selection. The tiles are large and sometimes they have no name, so you can't fit many apps on the screen or tell what they are if you make [...]

2014/06/15 // 0 Comments

Get free clipart and images from Pixabay

There is nothing like a picture to brighten up a page and if you are creating a website, writing a report, or a project for school or work, you should consider using one. It has to be relevant of course, but even with a tenuous link, it can work [...]

2014/06/13 // 0 Comments

Stop Action Center pop up messages in Windows

Action Center is a feature of Windows that aims to bring to your attention potential problems with the computer, such as no antivirus software installed, no firewall or it is turned off, no spyware protection, and so on. Here's how to take control [...]

2014/06/12 // 0 Comments

Add top gadgets to the Windows 7 desktop

It is a shame that Microsoft abandoned desktop gadgets because they were a great feature of Windows 7. They partly died out because few people used them, but this was because Microsoft gave little support. Other developers created some fine gadgets [...]

2014/06/05 // 0 Comments

Use a NAS drive with Windows 8 File History backup

File History is a new way to back up your files in Windows 8 and it replaces the old backup facilities that were in previous versions of the operating system. The problem is that people never bothered to back up. This one is simpler, you don’t [...]

2014/06/04 // 0 Comments

Add a preview pane to Gmail

Google Mail is not like other email services and people either love it hate it. One of the ways in which it is different is that it does not have a preview pane. Do you miss it? do you wish Gmail had one? You can add [...]

2014/06/03 // 0 Comments

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