Improve your PC backup strategy

  We all know we should make backups of the files on our computer’s disk drive, but many people do not bother. Why? Partly it is because disks are so reliable. I have been using hard disk drives for over 20 years and have not yet had one fail. [...]

2014/10/20 // 0 Comments

Sync computers and exchange files with BitTorrent Sync

  Transferring files between computers is something we all have to do from time to time and there are several situations where this can be necessary. You might want to transfer files from one computer to another, such as work to home, desktop to [...]

2014/10/16 // 0 Comments

Think you have malware? View network activity

    Start your computer and watch it carefully. After some initial activity it settles down into an idle state. The desktop doesn’t change, the icons and folders on it don’t change, nothing else appears on the screen, and you might think [...]

2014/10/14 // 0 Comments

Google Keep tips and tricks and secrets

Google Keep is a handy utility for storing notes, lists, images and reminders. It isn’t like OneNote or Evernote and it is a much simpler app. However, a lightweight app can be more convenient for certain tasks. Here we take a look at updates, the [...]

2014/10/10 // 7 Comments

How to research information with the Word web app

  If you have a Microsoft (for any Microsoft service, such as email), you have access to OneDrive online storage. At OneDrive you then have access to the browser based Office web apps like Word Online. Just click the arrow to the right [...]

2014/10/04 // 0 Comments

Rescue documents with OneDrive previous versions

  Do you use Microsoft OneDrive to create and store documents like Word files? Whether you use Word on your computer and save files to the OneDrive folder on the PC’s disk drive, or use the free web apps at to create files online, [...]

2014/10/02 // 0 Comments

Monitor your internet data usage to avoid penalties

The amount of data transferred by the computer when it is connected to the internet is important for several reasons. Although some people are lucky and have unlimited data with their internet service provider, others do not. They have a data limit [...]

2014/09/29 // 0 Comments

Get the Chrome App Launcher for Windows

Do you have the Chrome App Launcher for the Windows desktop? This is a button that sits on the taskbar and it enables you to run browser-based apps more easily. If you don’t have it, here is how to install it. If you have it, there are some very [...]

2014/09/28 // 0 Comments

Add the one essential feature missing from Google Docs

Google Docs is a useful online word processor, but it isn’t Microsoft Word and it lacks some key features that you might expect of an app of this type. Fortunately, Google Docs is extensible and by installing add-ons, you can add features that are [...]

2014/09/24 // 9 Comments

Get better audio in online video in YouTube and elsewhere

Does the audio in online videos at YouTube and other video sharing websites sound flat and unexciting? Is there too little bass, making it sound weak, or no treble, making it lack sparkle? Add an Audio EQ to your web browser and you can customise [...]

2014/09/20 // 0 Comments

Add iCloud Drive to Windows for online storage

Every few years Apple completely changes its internet services and it never seems to get it right. It has morphed over the years from iTools to .Mac to MobileMe to iCloud, and now it has changed again. So why am I writing about Apple stuff on this [...]

2014/09/18 // 1 Comment

Which is the best antivirus software? Could it be Panda?

Here is the dilemma: You know you need antivirus software to protect your Windows PC from malware on the internet, but there are so many antivirus products it is hard to choose the best one. Is one package better than another? Is one more secure? [...]

2014/09/14 // 0 Comments

Fix Microsoft OneDrive sync problems

If you have a Microsoft ID, and there can be few people that don’t (, Xbox Live etc.), you have access to OneDrive online storage. You get 15GB free from Microsoft in which to store your files. It is even baked into Windows 8.1 and you [...]

2014/09/11 // 6 Comments

Solve Windows problems with Wise PC 1stAid

What do you do when you have a problem with your PC or Windows? You could try and ask a friend, you could post the problem in one of the forums here, or you could use Wise PC 1stAid to fix it. This is a free utility that has been created to solve [...]

2014/09/10 // 0 Comments

Add a Windows 8 interface to Windows XP, Vista, 7

The Windows interface formerly known as Metro has divided people’s opinions and some like it, but others don’t. Microsoft is back pedalling fast and Windows 8.1 puts the desktop back where it belongs, with the Start screen being hidden most of [...]

2014/09/06 // 0 Comments

Opt out of Microsoft ad tracking

I am not a fan of advertisers tracking people and displaying targeted ads based on their interests. This has nothing to do with being tracked and the problem is that instead of displaying ads I might be interested in, I get ads I don’t want. I [...]

2014/09/03 // 0 Comments

Change the font and size in Joomla templates

I had a strange problem recently that might be of interest to website developers. It is a bit of a techie problem and so not everyone will find it interesting, but I thought I would write it up anyway in case it helps someone out there in a similar [...]

2014/09/02 // 0 Comments

Beware of Chrome’s malware download checker

For a long time, Chrome has had the ability to warn you if you try to go to a website that is known to contain viruses, spyware and other types of malware. If you click a link on a web page or type in a URL, a special page is displayed warning you [...]

2014/08/27 // 0 Comments

Stop Google+ shrinking your photos

There are numerous online services wanting to store your photos and Google+ is no exception. It is particularly convenient for Android phone and tablet users because that is a Google OS. Google+ can be configured to back up every photo you take [...]

2014/08/26 // 0 Comments

View phone notifications and more on your PC

When a new email, text message, or important event occurs on your phone, it can play a sound, vibrate, and perhaps turn the screen on to show message. This is fine if the phone is in your pocket or on the desk next to you, but what if you are [...]

2014/08/23 // 0 Comments

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