Beware of Chrome’s malware download checker

For a long time, Chrome has had the ability to warn you if you try to go to a website that is known to contain viruses, spyware and other types of malware. If you click a link on a web page or type in a URL, a special page is displayed warning you [...]

2014/08/27 // 0 Comments

Stop Google+ shrinking your photos

There are numerous online services wanting to store your photos and Google+ is no exception. It is particularly convenient for Android phone and tablet users because that is a Google OS. Google+ can be configured to back up every photo you take [...]

2014/08/26 // 0 Comments

View phone notifications and more on your PC

When a new email, text message, or important event occurs on your phone, it can play a sound, vibrate, and perhaps turn the screen on to show message. This is fine if the phone is in your pocket or on the desk next to you, but what if you are [...]

2014/08/23 // 0 Comments

Create a super fast RAM disk

Disk drives lag behind other components in the PC in terms of performance and a computer would run a lot faster if it wasn’t for the slow disk drive. If only there was some way of speeding it up. An SSD (solid state disk) is an option, but they [...]

2014/08/19 // 0 Comments

Do you need to defrag SSD drives?

Some people seem to be unsure as to whether super fast SSDs - Solid State Disk drives - need to be defragmented. They know know disks become fragmented over time and that this slows them down, and that defragmenting them speeds them up again. So why [...]

2014/08/14 // 0 Comments

What to do when LastPass goes down

The LastPass online password storage service went down today for several hours and many people were unable to access it. This in turn meant that they could not access websites and online services because the passwords were unavailable. It was a [...]

2014/08/12 // 0 Comments

Find and delete duplicate files

It can be hard keeping the contents of the disk drive organised and it is easy for it to become an unruly mess. After a few years, or perhaps just months, there could be duplicate files that waste space and confuse you. It is time to sort out the [...]

2014/08/08 // 7 Comments

Did you know OneDrive has a code editor?

Over the last month I have been moving to the cloud and have been increasingly using Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive for storing files and working. Some of those files are HTML web pages, CSS and so on, and they were moved to OneDrive. What [...]

2014/08/06 // 1 Comment

Stop sharing the Public folder in Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s online storage, what was for a long time called SkyDrive. You can store up to 15GB of files there for free and it is a great facility. Sharing files is encouraged and there is a ready-made Public folder designed for just [...]

2014/08/02 // 1 Comment

Disable Windows 8 notifications for peace and quiet

One of the new features in Windows 8 is notifications and you can be alerted to certain events that take place. For example, Start screen apps like Alarms, Calendar, News and others can display pop-up messages informing you of something that just [...]

2014/07/29 // 0 Comments

Sort your Chrome bookmarks into order

Adding a website your web browser’s bookmarks does two things: It saves you having to remember the URL and it makes returning to the site a simple point and click process. Unfortunately, the more bookmarks you add, the more of an untidy mess they [...]

2014/07/23 // 0 Comments

Goodbye Dropbox, it’s time to move on

Dropbox is a successful online cloud storage and file synchronisation service that has been around since 2008. I must have started using it not long after and have been using it for years. However, it is time to move on and I wonder if other people [...]

2014/07/20 // 0 Comments

Back up Google Drive to be sure your files are safe

Google drive provides 15GB of storage space for free and 100GB at a ridiculously low monthly subscription fee and it is tempting to make use of it to store lots of files. What's more, you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations too and [...]

2014/07/18 // 0 Comments

Solve Dropbox sync problems

Dropbox is an excellent utility and one of the useful things it does is back up files on your computer and sync them with your other computers. Sometimes though, it doesn’t sync and different computers can have different files. What is going on [...]

2014/07/14 // 0 Comments

Fix photo exposure flaws in Linux

Photographs taken outdoors tend to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes you get a great one, but occasionally they are not so good. The auto-exposure of modern digital cameras and mobile phones can be fooled and you get a dark underexposed image. Here [...]

2014/07/11 // 0 Comments

How to spot a fake Amazon email

There are several ways that viruses can get onto your computer and one is through email. A malicious program can be attached to an email message and if you open it, you risk infecting your computer. Malware can lock your PC until you pay a fee to [...]

2014/07/10 // 0 Comments

Boost battery life in Linux on laptops

Do you use Linux? Do you have a laptop? You can configure the power settings to get the maximum performance or the maximum life out of the battery. Sadly, you cannot have both and it is one or the other. Of course, you could compromise and have a [...]

2014/07/09 // 0 Comments

Customise the Windows desktop with Rainmeter

Desktop gadgets was a great feature of Windows 7 and it enabled small utilities and information panels to be displayed on the desktop. Unfortunately, Microsoft abandoned widgets and they are no longer in Windows 8. In some ways Rainmeter is like [...]

2014/07/08 // 1 Comment

News roundup 5th Jun

The latest news stories over the last week. Microsoft increases OneDrive free storage Right now, Office 365 subscribers get 20GB of online storage space on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This will be increased to 1TB – 1,000GB – [...]

2014/07/06 // 0 Comments

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