Straighten photos with Windows 8 Photos app

We all take crooked photos occasionally and if you aren't careful with the camera and hold it exactly horizontal, the resulting slope of the landscape can ruin a good photograph. This is most obvious where the horizon is horizontal, such as when you [...]

2014/06/21 // 0 Comments

Recover disk space used by Windows 8 File History

Windows used to come with a built in Backup program that could be used to back up your files to a second disk drive, such as a USB disk. Windows 8 doesn't have this facility and instead it has File History. What you may not realise is the large [...]

2014/06/19 // 0 Comments

Show more tiles on the Windows 8 Start screen

The Windows 8 Start screen does not show every app and program that is installed and instead, it shows a small selection. The tiles are large and sometimes they have no name, so you can't fit many apps on the screen or tell what they are if you make [...]

2014/06/15 // 0 Comments

Get free clipart and images from Pixabay

There is nothing like a picture to brighten up a page and if you are creating a website, writing a report, or a project for school or work, you should consider using one. It has to be relevant of course, but even with a tenuous link, it can work [...]

2014/06/13 // 0 Comments

Stop Action Center pop up messages in Windows

Action Center is a feature of Windows that aims to bring to your attention potential problems with the computer, such as no antivirus software installed, no firewall or it is turned off, no spyware protection, and so on. Here's how to take control [...]

2014/06/12 // 0 Comments

Add top gadgets to the Windows 7 desktop

It is a shame that Microsoft abandoned desktop gadgets because they were a great feature of Windows 7. They partly died out because few people used them, but this was because Microsoft gave little support. Other developers created some fine gadgets [...]

2014/06/05 // 0 Comments

Use a NAS drive with Windows 8 File History backup

File History is a new way to back up your files in Windows 8 and it replaces the old backup facilities that were in previous versions of the operating system. The problem is that people never bothered to back up. This one is simpler, you don’t [...]

2014/06/04 // 0 Comments

Add a preview pane to Gmail

Google Mail is not like other email services and people either love it hate it. One of the ways in which it is different is that it does not have a preview pane. Do you miss it? do you wish Gmail had one? You can add [...]

2014/06/03 // 0 Comments

Enhance browser security with Avira Browser Safety

Security is a constant worry and when you are using the internet there is always someone, somewhere that is watching you. Mostly it is harmless and advertisers are always trying to get better information about the people that see their adverts, [...]

2014/06/01 // 1 Comment

Add topics, sources, feeds to the Windows 8 News app

Do you use the News app on the Windows 8 Start screen? If you haven’t yet explored its capabilities, you might be surprised by what it can do. For example, it can be configured to fetch only the news you are interested in and it can filters out [...]

2014/05/30 // 0 Comments

Store Broker high CPU usage solved in Windows 8

An odd thing happened recently and I noticed that the fan on the computer was working harder than it should be. It wasn’t going flat out, but it was clearly audible when it is usually very quiet. This is a sign that the computer is working hard on [...]

2014/05/27 // 2 Comments

Solve problems with OneDrive and backup software

OneDrive, or SkyDrive as it used to be called, is Microsoft's online cloud storage facility and it is very useful for storing documents, photos, work files and so on, especially if you use multiple computers and/or devices. Have you found that [...]

2014/05/24 // 0 Comments

Discover alternatives to popular websites

There are tens of millions of websites on the internet, but how do you discover them? Many people know the popular sites for news, sport, their favourite hobby or interest and so on, but obviously these are not the only sites that cover these topics [...]

2014/05/23 // 0 Comments

The Microsoft Surface 3 is king of its market

Yesterday Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 3 and it is already a market leading product that blows away all competitors. That is because it is very nearly the only product in its market and there aren’t many competitors. I have seen one or two [...]

2014/05/21 // 0 Comments

Replace Windows Firewall with Comodo Firewall

Windows already has a firewall, so why would you need another one? That’s a bit like saying Windows comes with Paint, so why get a photo editor, or it already has WordPad, a word processor, so why bother with Word? Windows Firewall is simply very [...]

2014/05/17 // 0 Comments

Solve Windows 8 store problems and app issues

If you are experiencing problems accessing the Windows 8 Store using the Store tile, if you cannot update Windows 8 apps, or if Windows 8 live tiles don’t update on the Start screen, here is a collection of possible solutions. Most people don’t [...]

2014/05/13 // 0 Comments

Secure USB flash memory drives in Linux

USB flash memory drives (thumb drives or pen drives as some people call them), are great for carrying files from one computer to another, such as from work to home, or even from your desktop to your laptop. Unfortunately though, they are very easy [...]

2014/05/12 // 0 Comments

Discover useful IP addresses on your network

Computers work with IP addresses rather than the names and URLs that people use. Your computer has an IP address, your router has an IP address, a NAS (network attached storage) drive has an IP address, even wireless printers have IP addresses. How [...]

2014/05/08 // 0 Comments

Customise Quick views in Windows Live mail

Windows Live Mail is a reasonably good email client that can be used for standard POP3 mail or online webmail like Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail. If you are used to Outlook Express running on XP, it makes sense to switch to Windows Live Mail [...]

2014/05/06 // 0 Comments

Monitor web pages for changes automatically

Sometimes you want to know the minute a website or web page changes and it could be because of a breaking news story, concert tickets for your favourite artist going on sale, a new job listing you have been waiting for, and so on. Having to visit [...]

2014/05/04 // 1 Comment

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