Set the default save location in Windows 8

Create a new document or file in an application in Windows 8, then go to the Save facility and you might find that it always defaults to the same location - OneDrive. It might be irritating if you don’t want to use that location and it is possible [...]

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Use Microsoft Office in Linux

Microsoft Office is the standard when it comes to word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is used in millions of offices around the world and the file format has become a standard way to exchange documents. It runs on Windows and Apple [...]

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Remove web clutter with Readability for Chrome

Some web pages are so cluttered that it is hard to read the actual content. There are menu bars, banner and skyscraper adverts, sharing buttons, links to other pages, comments and more. To make matters worse, many page elements trigger effects as [...]

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Search Word for invisible characters like tab and return

People do strange things in Word and if you work with documents created by others you will find odd things like lots of extra spaces at the end of lines and paragraphs, extra carriage returns where none is needed, multiple tabs, section breaks and [...]

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Back up Sticky Notes before you lose them

Do you use sticky notes or Sticky Notes? The first kind are those paper notes with a sticky strip at the top that you can stick to your monitor, desk, fridge door and other places. The second kind is the computer version in Windows that lets you [...]

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How to email executable programs

Adding a file attachment to an email is very easy and there is always a menu option or toolbar button to select a file on disk. Some email programs even support drag and drop. It all goes horribly wrong if you try to attach an executable program [...]

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Choose normal or flipped webcam images

Is your webcam wonky? A problem that some people have is that when they take a photo using their webcam the resulting image is flipped. What can be causing this strange behaviour and how can it be fixed? Is it a hardware or a software problem? The [...]

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Stop the annoying green bar in Explorer windows

When opening an Explorer window you sometimes have to wait while a green bar very slowly works its way across the address box at the top. This can happen occasionally to everyone, but to some people it is a constant irritation. What is going on and [...]

2014/04/17 // 6 Comments

How to uninstall Office 2013 properly

It is easy to install software and try it out, so why isn't it just as easy to uninstall software? Uninstallers rarely perform a complete removal of software and there are often files and folders remaining, registry entries and so on. It really [...]

2014/04/15 // 0 Comments

Change the icon and colour of Windows 8 tiles

The Start screen in Windows can be customised to a certain degree, but what about the tiles? Do you like the icon on them? Do you like the colours they use? Would you like a different icon and colour scheme? It is possible, although with [...]

2014/04/14 // 0 Comments

The best way to get free Linux distros

There are many different versions of Linux available and the number runs into the hundreds. It can be interesting trying them and some are really good. If you want to download and try these Linux distros, what is the best way and where do you get [...]

2014/04/11 // 0 Comments

Disable the charms bar in Windows 8

The charms bar in Windows 8 is that panel of icons that keeps on popping up on the right hand side of the screen. It can easily be triggered accidentally and it can be very irritating when you do this. How do you get rid of [...]

2014/04/08 // 0 Comments

Play radio stations with Banshee in Linux

Banshee is a media player that is frequently bundled with Linux distros and it is a handy app for playing music. It has a built in radio facility, but the app does not give any clues as to how to use it. Here is how to add radio stations and play [...]

2014/04/05 // 2 Comments

Which email program is best for Windows?

A desktop email program has not been supplied with Windows since Vista and neither 7 nor 8 has ever had one. Many users that have kept up with Microsoft’s operating system have already sorted out their email requirements, but with the end of [...]

2014/04/04 // 0 Comments

Show recently added files and photos in Windows

The Pictures folder or library in Windows is ideal for storing photos and you can organise them into subfolders by date, occasion, subject or whatever is most useful. How do you view the most recently added photos though? It is easier than you might [...]

2014/04/03 // 0 Comments

Recognise text in Google Keep images

Google Keep is a note taking app that can be accessed in a browser on the web, or using an app on your phone or tablet, and it works everywhere. It is a convenient place to store text, images, lists and other [...]

2014/04/03 // 0 Comments

Amazon Fire TV is an Apple TV killer

   Apple TV hasn’t had much competition and has mostly had the set top box market to itself for several years now. Steve Jobs famously called it a hobby. Now Amazon has released Fire TV, which goes way beyond what Apple TV does and it looks like [...]

2014/04/02 // 0 Comments

Edit images in slides on Google Drive

Google's apps on Drive just keep getting better and in a recent update the facility to edit images within slides in presentations has been added. They can be cropped, frames and masks applied, and more. To see the new editing features that have been [...]

2014/03/31 // 0 Comments

Boost privacy with self destructing cookies

Whether cookies are harmless or whether they are evil devices for tracking people's activities on the internet is debateable. If you believe the latter you might want to take a look at a Firefox add-on called Self Destructing Cookies. It protects [...]

2014/03/29 // 0 Comments

Get dictionary definitions in your browser

There are around a quarter of a million words in the English language and that figure does not include technical terms, scientific words and slang. That's just ordinary everyday language and if you include every word used by English speakers the [...]

2014/03/27 // 0 Comments

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