Edit images in slides on Google Drive

Google's apps on Drive just keep getting better and in a recent update the facility to edit images within slides in presentations has been added. They can be cropped, frames and masks applied, and more. To see the new editing features that have been [...]

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Boost privacy with self destructing cookies

Whether cookies are harmless or whether they are evil devices for tracking people's activities on the internet is debateable. If you believe the latter you might want to take a look at a Firefox add-on called Self Destructing Cookies. It protects [...]

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Get dictionary definitions in your browser

There are around a quarter of a million words in the English language and that figure does not include technical terms, scientific words and slang. That's just ordinary everyday language and if you include every word used by English speakers the [...]

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Intel’s hot new processors for 2014

Intel is working on new processors and technologies for 2014 that will bring some exciting developments to the market. The company is focusing on all-in-one (AIO) computers that does away with the old separate boxes for the system and monitor. There [...]

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What is a webp file?

Have you ever been browsing the web and after seeing an image you would like to save and use elsewhere, you right click it and select the save facility only to find that it wants to save as a .webp file? What is a .webp file and why is it used on [...]

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What to do with Windows XP when support ends

If you have read some of the reports on the internet about Windows XP you might wonder if the world will end on April 8th. It seems that your computer will either stop working or instantly become the target for every malware and hacker out there. Is [...]

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Create photo panoramas in Linux

Panoramic photographs provide fantastic views that show you what you would see if you stood at a spot and turned and looked in every direction. There are two problems though. One is that your camera or mobile phone may not have a panorama function [...]

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Choose which version of Internet Explorer to open

There are two versions of Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and this can lead to some confusion. There is a full screen version of IE that can be opened from the Start screen and the desktop version that can be run on the old desktop. When you click a [...]

2014/03/20 // 0 Comments

Microsoft introduces a new mouse

Touch sensitive screens are great on a mobile phone and are much better than keys. Touch is also fantastic on a tablet and it is intuitive and easy to use. Touch on a desktop or laptop computer is completely different and despite Microsoft building [...]

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New version of Microsoft Office coming

Microsoft has announced that there are now 3.5 million subscribers to Office 365, the suite of applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The company has also revealed that there will be a new version of this suite and the aim is to boost [...]

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Google Drive prices slashed

Google has always provided a generous amount of free online storage, but these days it is easy to exceed your allowance and the price of additional storage space used to be expensive. However, Google has slashed its prices and it is now cheaper than [...]

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Use a Windows 8 library to add a Start menu

There are two things missing from Windows 8.1 and the Start menu is the obvious one and this makes accessing programs that are installed more difficult than it used to be. The other missing item is libraries, but you may not have noticed because [...]

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Get Getty images for free

It sometimes seems like you cannot publish anything on the web these days unless it has an image embedded into it. Some sites appear to make this rule, leading to crazy situations where the image is irrelevant to the article because the author [...]

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Geany is a powerful editor for Linux

Your Linux distro probably comes with a text editor, but the bundled one is often very basic. With Gnome-based distros for example, you often get Gedit and while it is OK for simple tasks, it doesn’t have a lot of features. An alternative is [...]

2014/03/04 // 0 Comments

Manage your internet bandwidth

Although some people have truly unlimited broadband internet access, a lot of people don’t. Bandwidth may be limited at certain times of the day, such as during peak hours in the evening. Even internet accounts advertised as unlimited occasionally [...]

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Fix Windows Update problems

Are you having problems with Windows Update? Whether you are running Windows 7, 8 or 10, there are solutions that can help you kickstart a stalled or problematic [...]

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Panda Cloud Cleaner – the good, the bad and the ugly

Everyone knows that it is important to have anti virus and anti spyware software on their Windows computer. It just isn't safe to browse the internet without it. By and large, most people do have security software on their computer, whether it is a [...]

2014/02/09 // 6 Comments

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