Is Linux or Windows best for hosting your website?

When looking around for a company to host your blog or website, you will sometimes have a choice between Linux and Windows hosting. Does it make a difference? What can you expect from each type? Richard Richsh has the [...]

2016/10/15 // 0 Comments

More security – Use SmartScreen

SmartScreen is a security technology that is built into Windows 10 which helps to prevent malware from getting onto your computer. It does this in several ways, which we will look at [...]

2016/10/09 // 0 Comments

Web browser security

Nearly all viruses, spyware, other types of malware and hacking, occurs on the internet. The way everyone interacts with the internet is through a web browser. So one way or another, security problems arise because of what we do with browsers, the [...]

2016/09/27 // 0 Comments

Third party security software

Windows 10 has security built in and Windows Defender protects it from threats like viruses, spyware and other types of malware. This begs the question, do you need third party security [...]

2016/09/26 // 0 Comments

Email security and phishing

Email is one of the oldest uses of the internet and being able to send people messages almost instantly wherever they may be in the world is one of the best inventions of the last [...]

2016/09/25 // 0 Comments

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