Increase your privacy in Windows 10

Privacy is an important issue and you don’t want personal information about you, your interests or your activities in Windows 10 or online to be shared with people that don’t need it, who would share it with others, or misuse [...]

2016/09/24 // 0 Comments

Windows 10 Security Guide

Your computer is under constant threats from malware and hackers who want to gain access to your computer to steal information, install malware ransomware and more. Here's how to stay [...]

2016/09/24 // 0 Comments

Protect your PC with Windows Firewall

Computers can connect to wired and wireless networks to communicate with other computers and devices. This can be to exchange files, access resources on another computer like a music library, and so [...]

2016/09/24 // 0 Comments

Protect your PC with Windows Defender

Microsoft includes Windows Defender in Windows 10 and this is a security program that is provided to protect your computer from malware threats like viruses, Trojans, spyware and so on. Do you need [...]

2016/09/20 // 0 Comments

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