Why is my hard disk not detected in the BIOS?

The BIOS or Basic Input Output System is basically a type of program that controls the actions of a computer. It’s very important because all the data flow is controlled by the BIOS. Hence, an error-free BIOS is very important and anything it [...]

2017/04/27 // 0 Comments

Solve Windows problems with Device Manager

Problems can be tough to solve and when the computer is not working properly, what can you do? Use Device Manager to solve problems, such as those related to the hardware and [...]

2016/03/09 // 0 Comments

Speed up thumb drives and boost performance

If you use a thumb drive you will have noticed that compared to a disk drive, and especially an SSD, it is slow to access. There is a way to increase the performance and get better read and write speeds on [...]

2016/03/02 // 0 Comments

Use touch-screen gestures with Windows 10 Mail

Some laptop computers have touch screens and, of course, the Microsoft Surface is touch-enabled too. What can you use it for? Does it have a use? Sometimes it is indeed useful, such as with the Mail app in Windows [...]

2015/09/18 // 0 Comments

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