11 essential points when choosing web hosting

If you want a website for fun or to make money and earn an income there are numerous web hosting services and there is a lot of choice. It can can be confusing, so here’s what you need to [...]

2016/11/08 // 0 Comments

Is Linux or Windows best for hosting your website?

When looking around for a company to host your blog or website, you will sometimes have a choice between Linux and Windows hosting. Does it make a difference? What can you expect from each type? Richard Richsh has the [...]

2016/10/15 // 0 Comments

Do keywords still matter in 2016 SEO?

There used to be a time when keywords mattered a lot but in the modern day era, search engines no longer pay any attention to it. How did this happen? When did keyword meta begin losing its [...]

2016/07/21 // 0 Comments

New features for Google Keep you must try

Google Keep on the desktop and on phones is a great app for creating reminders, storing notes and building to-do lists. Are you up to date with the latest features? Here are some new [...]

2016/02/11 // 0 Comments

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