Impress with your writing by fixing the faults

Many people think that they write quite well, but do they really? There is one way to tell and this is by using a grammar checker. If you use Microsoft Word as your writing tool, there is one built [...]

2016/02/18 // 0 Comments

How to export images from a Word document

Suppose you receive a Word document that contains images and you want to save the images as separate files on the disk, perhaps to use them elsewhere. Suppose you created a document a long time ago and no longer have the original images. How do you [...]

2015/03/21 // 0 Comments

Abandon sticky notes and put Google Keep on the desktop

When you are working on your computer or simply browsing the web for fun, you will occasionally need to temporarily store information. One way of doing this is with sticky notes apps and there is no shortage of utilities, but Google Keep now runs on [...]

2014/06/28 // 9 Comments

Use Microsoft Office in Linux

Microsoft Office is the standard when it comes to word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is used in millions of offices around the world and the file format has become a standard way to exchange documents. It runs on Windows and Apple [...]

2014/04/29 // 0 Comments

Search Word for invisible characters like tab and return

People do strange things in Word and if you work with documents created by others you will find odd things like lots of extra spaces at the end of lines and paragraphs, extra carriage returns where none is needed, multiple tabs, section breaks and [...]

2014/04/25 // 0 Comments