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Help for bloggers and website owners

Everyone loves free stuff and here are lots of great articles, ebooks and PDFs for anyone with a blog or website. It is suitable for novices and intermediate skill levels, PC and Mac. Many articles are taken from our online courses.

Free tips and articles to help you build a better blog or website. Step by step guides to build a better site with SEO, AdSense, optimisation, and more.

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Need help with WordPress?

How to make money online - part 1 - beginners guide to WordPressJust starting with your blog or website? This course is perfect for you: WordPress startup guide - Learn the basics. Here are the first 2 articles from the 11 part course. These are general information articles. They are followed by step by step guides in the course.

If you are serious about you website or blog and want to monetize it, take the course: Self-hosted WordPress guide - beyond the basics. Here are 6 parts FREE from this 11 part course. The other parts contain step by step guides.


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How to place ads on your site

There are several ways to earn money from your website or blog and Google AdSense ads is one. This is first half of a big article from the 9 part course: Get started with Google AdSense. The course contains many step by step guides.

SEO - search engine optimisationGet noticed by Google and Bing search

The last part of the 9 part course The on page SEO guide. The course shows exactly what you need to do to drive traffic from Google and Bing.

Social media and promotion

Promote, promote, promote! If your website isn't getting many visitors, you probably need the course Automate social media sharing. Step by step guides show how to automate social media promotion.

Windows 10 Security Guide - protect your PC from malware and threatsWindows security

Windows 10 Security Guide is a huge course with 25 guides covering every aspect of security in Windows. Don't get caught by malware, phishing and scams! Here are 5 FREE articles from the 25 part course:


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Help, tips and more for bloggers, site owners

These FREE articles have appeared elsewhere on RAWinfopages websites. All of them will help anyone with a website or blog in one way or another.

There is a mix of articles from RAW Computing and RAW Mac, but you can build websites and blogs equally well on both PCs and Macs.

From RAW Computing:

From RAW Mac:

From RAW Apps: