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Everyone loves free stuff and here are great articles, ebooks and PDFs for anyone with a blog or website. It is suitable for novices and intermediate skill levels, PC and MacThis page contains affiliate links.

Join the Facebook group 365 Blogging Support I challenged myself to write 365 tips for blogging, online business, promotion and SEO. That is one every day for a year! Will I manage it? Follow my progress, and the tips of course, in this free Facebook group.

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Free help with WordPress!

How to make money online - part 1 - beginners guide to WordPressHere are some general articles taken from the WordPress courses.

  • 6 ways to make money from a website or blog
  • Where to start blogging, website building
  • 11 essential points when choosing web hosting
  • Set up a WordPress site in 14 easy steps
  • 16 things you must to do be accepted by AdSense
  • Best backup options for your WordPress website
  • 2 free tools to monitor your site and alert you to problems
  • How to view your website on any device using Blisk
  • How to access your WordPress site using FTP to fix faults

They are a small part of the courses, which contain many hands-on step-by-step guides. Take the courses to to create the successful website you always wanted.

Windows 10 Security Guide - protect your PC from malware and threatsCOURSE: Windows 10 Security Guide

This comprehensive course has guides covering every aspect of security in Windows. Don’t get caught by malware, phishing and scams! This course is being rewritten, until the new version is done, the old one is FREE! Start the course.

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Websites and blogs can be built equally well on both PCs and Macs, so these articles apply equally well to everyone. There are many more articles on blogging, WordPress and SEO at RAW Guides.

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